About Black House Spiders

Black House Spiders, commonly called Window Spiders and scientifically named Badumna insignis, exhibit dark colouration and feature white markings on their charcoal-grey abdomen. These spiders are skilled in crafting intricate and delicate webs around window frames, utilising them to capture insects for sustenance. While Black House Spiders are typically not harmful to humans, they may bite if agitated.

Black house spiders are sturdy, dark-coloured arachnids that can reach approximately 12 to 18 mm long. They possess a brownish carapace and legs that exhibit grey-brown banding. In addition, these spiders showcase a noticeable white marking on their abdomen, and their body is densely covered in velvety hair.

The Black House Spiders are found in Australia, specifically in the eastern and southern regions of the country. These spiders are frequently sighted in urban areas, particularly around residences and gardens, where they spin their distinctive funnel-shaped webs. They tend to favour damp and dimly lit locations like beneath rocks, logs, and in crevices.

Diet of Black House Spiders

Insects like flies, beetles, and moths comprise the primary diet of Black house spiders. These arachnids are known to trap their prey in funnel-shaped webs, and they hunt for their meals during nighttime. Generally, Black house spiders do not exhibit aggression towards humans; they only resort to biting when they perceive a threat to their safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Black House Spiders Venomous?

Black house spiders (Badumna insignis) possess venom not deemed hazardous to humans. Though a black house spider bite can result in localised discomfort, inflammation, and reddening, it is not considered lethal.

Do Black House Spiders Eat Insects?

Black house spiders feed on insects and other small arthropods like flies, moths, beetles, and ants. Nonetheless, they are flexible eaters and consume whatever prey they can capture.

How Do Black House Spiders Catch Their Prey?

Black house spiders rely on their webs to trap and catch prey. They construct sticky webs and wait for insects to get trapped. Once the prey is detected, the spiders quickly capture and consume it.