Expert Fumigation Services in New Zealand

Tom’s Pest Control in New Zealand has the knowledge and certification to fumigate your property according to your preferences. Tom’s Pest Control adheres to the required New Zealand and AQIS criteria for fumigation services to meet the obligation to minimise the chances of admitting exotic pests and illnesses into New Zealand.

Tom’s Pest Control is in charge of fumigation services at many projects and organisations in New Zealand. Our services include fumigation on imports and exports, and fumigation on board vessels.

Our services ensure to satisfy our clients’ expectations while sticking to worldwide quality and safety regulations. We also meet New Zealand’s biosecurity requirements, which are among the highest in the world.

It is a risky task that generally requires legal permission; the fumigation operator must possess the necessary certificates. The good news is that our trained exterminators have all of the required documentation and understand how to handle the pesticides, which are poisonous to most living things on earth.


What is Fumigation?

Let’s define fumigation before we choose it for pest control. It is the process of using chemical smoke to kill pests such as insects or rodents. This approach can also be used to eliminate a termite infestation.

Fumigation services fill the air with poison gas, and the procedure must be performed in an empty location. You must leave your home and bring your pets with you while our exterminators perform the fumigation.

In New Zealand, the cost of fumigation treatment and protection services vary between a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. However, depending on the size of your property, this will not be a fixed rate. Many factors determine the cost of whole-house fumigation.

Commercial Fogging Sanitisation and Disinfection

Are you seeking a commercial cleaning, sterilisation, or deodorisation service that is effective, efficient, and cost-effective? If this is the case, contact Tom’s Pest Control for the best fumigation in New Zealand.

We will help you get rid of unwanted bugs or bacteria and perform a detailed sanitisation process. Our commercial fogging service is one of the most popular solutions as we use gas to destroy any contaminants properly.

We will assist you in maintaining a healthy interior environment by utilising commercial fogging for sanitisation and reducing the risk of bacteria transmitting from person to person.

We spray high-quality disinfectants throughout your property. You will receive the following benefits from working with us:

Commercial Fumigation

The environment of commercial areas such as stores and offices may worsen or get filthy with time. This offers an ideal condition for pests to build nests in your workplaces and infest the environment.

Choose our fumigation New Zealand service to assist you in dealing with this situation. We provide our customers with the most professional and secure fumigation services available. We have years of experience and will guide you in creating a better, more sanitary workplace for your staff.


Industrial Fumigation

An infestation of pests may be a nightmare for several companies. It can impact your day-to-day procedures and outcomes, but it can also endanger your employees’ health. Tom’s Pest Control in New Zealand provides affordable fumigation services to save your business from this trouble.

We will provide you with economical and dependable fumigation services, whether you are operating a warehouse or a large building.

Because fumigation is a challenging procedure, selecting the ideal firm is critical. So, you won’t have to worry when you choose a competent firm like us, as our fumigation services will go above and beyond.

We strive to provide you with a pest control solution that exceeds your expectations. When you team up with Tom’s Pest Control, you can reclaim control of your workplace from the insects!

Our Fumigation Procedure

We are a reliable pest control company that provides consumers with information about our procedures. Our fumigation service consists of several functions that we conduct systematically. We use fumigation to eliminate pests from commercial and residential properties. Our fumigation New Zealand service is divided into three stages:


Our technicians will first secure your valuable items from the fumigation process. A tarp will be used to protect expensive products such as furniture and foodstuffs. This will cover these objects from potentially dangerous fumes.



When everything is ready, we’ll start with the fumigation services. Gas is produced in the affected area. This will get rid of all kinds of bugs. The area is then blocked off to ensure that the fumigation reaches all affected areas.

The extent of the pest infestation will determine the length of time. In extreme circumstances, fumigation services can take several days, during which no one is permitted to visit the area.


We will begin the clean-up procedure after our professionals are sure that pests have been removed from the premises. We will ventilate the property to guarantee that all of the gas has been released.

Then, we will return all your belongings to their respective places. You will be able to return to your space once our exterminators will determine the air quality.

Pest Treatment Plan

Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

Based on your expectations, you will find Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand’s services comprehensive, competent, advanced, and most suitable. The following are the highlights of our services:

  • Same-day or emergency pest control service.
  • Pest technicians who are TAFE and APCA qualified.
  • Customized pest control plans with upfront pricing.
  • Modern pest control tools and advanced pest control processes.
  • A stress-free, family-friendly treatment experience.
  • Complete satisfaction is assured.