Bed Bug Pest Control New Zealand

Bed bug infestation is a common issue many property owners face in New Zealand. One of the essential reasons you must invest in effective and reliable pest control services is to save yourself and those around you from the physical pain that comes with the itchy bites of these creatures.

Commonly, bed bugs are found in homes, offices, hotel rooms, hostels, public transport, and any place where there is furniture like beds, chairs, and sofas. They are not easy to spot like other pests like rats or cockroaches because they are smaller. If you want to know whether your commercial or residential property has bed bugs or not, it is best to speak to the pest control experts at Tom’s Pest Control. We have a team of experienced pest controllers who can deal with all types of pests living on your property safely and effectively.

Once you hire us, we thoroughly inspect your home or office to spot signs of infestation. Then, depending on the problem’s severity, we develop tailored pest control plans. Before we get on to work, we ensure to share complete details of our services with you, so you can feel confident about hiring us. We will tell you what method we will adopt to remove pests from your property and what results in you may expect. We are sure you will like our services and the way we work with our clients.


Our Bed Bug Treatments Are The Most Effective

At Tom’s Pest Control, we quickly adopt the best pest removal solutions to exterminate all bed bugs. Our professionals are well trained and experienced in carefully handling pest infestation issues in your home or business. All our pest control services are carried out systematically to give you the best result possible. Moreover, our pest control solutions are safe for you, your family, and the environment.

How Do You Know Your Property Is Infested?


There are many ways to detect the presence of bed bugs on your property. It is advisable to look for signs like:

  • Eggs or their shells on your bed lining or mattress 
  • Blood spots on your bedsheets
  • Unpleasant odour from your bedsheet or mattress
  • Small dark spots on your bed linen
  • Skin welts and irritation every time you sit or sleep on your bed 

If you have noticed these signs, you must immediately speak to our bed bug pest control experts. We will send our experienced experts to your property to examine the level of bed bug infestation and suggest an appropriate treatment for the same.

Our Suggestions To Prevent Bed Bug Infestation

 Any pest infestation issue may arise despite your efforts to clean your place. However, this shouldn’t stop you from preventing pests from entering your home or office. As pest control experts, we offer some valuable tips to our clients to help them keep bed bugs away from their homes. Here’s what you must do:

  • Clean your bedding and linen daily
  • Do not buy old bedding or furniture with fabric
  • Cover mattresses and bedding boxes with plastic protective covers
  • Every time you return from a trip, check your luggage to confirm you haven’t got any bugs back home from a hotel room or hostel 
  • If you sit on a sofa that has bed bugs ensure to clean your clothes separately before you put them in your wardrobe
  • Vacuum your carpets and mattresses frequently to remove bed bugs 

What We Do To Remove Bed Bugs From Your Property?

There are many methods we can adopt to remove pests from your property. However, since every property is unique and so are its pest control needs, we ensure to provide customised solutions for all. There are two ways to exterminate bed bugs: chemical service and non-chemical service.

As its name suggests, chemical service involves using approved and registered chemicals to remove bed bugs from your property. When we adopt this method, we apply chemicals directly to the affected area, your bed, furniture or walls. While these chemicals kill bed bugs effectively, they do not cause any harm to you.

If you aren’t comfortable with chemical treatments or if we do not see the need to use chemicals, we will suggest some non-chemical treatments for your space. This may involve bed bug heat treatment or dry ice, depending on the severity of the issue.

No matter our treatment, each will require follow-up sessions to ensure the bed bugs have permanently left your property.

Why Should You Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we promise effective pest control and removal services at the best price possible. When we carry out a bed bug treatment, we ensure to adopt measures that eradicate them and, at the same time, do not harm you or those around you. The pest control products, solutions and techniques we use are safe for the environment, too, so you can be sure that there’s no damage done to anyone with our services.

We know the importance of professional services; we only send trained experts to your place to carry out the treatment effectively and carefully.

We can promise our clients 100% satisfactory results thanks to our top-notch equipment and technology. Moreover, before we leave the site, we ensure to share prevention tips with our clients. This helps them look after their property well and reduces the chances of the pests returning.


How can you get rid of bedbugs? What are the signs of a bedbug invasion?

Bedbugs can cause itchy skin when you sleep in a bed. Bedbugs can also cause itching after furniture is purchased or a bed is made. These are all symptoms that indicate you might have bedbugs.


Pillows and linens can have bloodstains. There may also be darkening and rusting bedbug eggs on bedding, sheets, mattresses, walls, and pillows. It is a good idea to inspect eggshells and faecal marks around areas where bedbugs are found. Their smell glands release the musty smell of bedbugs.


If you suspect that there is an infestation, take out all bedding. Then inspect the area for other insects and debris. Next, take off the dust cover. Next, inspect the wood frame for seams. Next, take the cloth off the wood frame. Next, contact local bed bug control professionals.

How do I stop bed bugs from invading my house?

It is a good idea to eliminate infested areas of your home or business to eliminate bedbugs. These are some useful tips:


  • Use hot water to wash clothes. Curtains, bedding, and clothing can be dried in the highest setting. In the highest setting, shoes and stuffed animals can be dried for up to 30 mins.
  • To get rid of bedbugs, clean the mattress seams
  • Vacuum your bed and surrounding areas regularly. You can immediately put the vacuum cleaner in a bag to be thrown away.
  • Glue-flaking wallpaper can be used to eliminate bedbug hiding places.
  • Clean up all debris.


If unsatisfied with the above tips, you can always opt for our advanced treatment.

What is the best heat treatment to kill bed bugs?

Bed bugs cannot tolerate temperatures above 46 degrees Celsius. Heat eggs can destroy all stages of a bedbug’s life cycle. However, there are heat treatments for bed bugs that don’t contain pesticides. It has been proven that bed bugs can withstand insecticides.


Heat treatment for bed bugs can be completed in as little as 24 hours. This allows for immediate occupancy. This allows for immediate occupancy. Chemical treatments can take several visits and be completed over several working days. This could involve multiple pesticide applications.


Bed bugs can be killed because heat penetrates all rooms. Furniture should be taken out in 99 per cent of cases.

How do you eliminate bed bugs most effectively?

Insecticides are an option if home remedies don’t appeal to you. Two common insecticides that kill bed bugs are pyrethroids and pyrethrins. These pesticides are quick and non-toxic to humans or animals.


Desiccants can also be used to exterminate bed bugs. These chemicals are used to remove the insect’s outer protective coating. It would die if the insect’s outer protective layer were not removed. Silica aerogel (or diatomaceous earth) is two of the most widely used desiccants. However, bed bugs are resistant to desiccants because of their high mortality.


Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand can get rid of bedbugs. Our exterminators will inspect your home for bedbugs and then treat it.

Is it possible that bedbugs can transmit disease from one person to another?

They aren’t dangerous and don’t cause disease to humans. They can also be carried on clothing. It is possible to transmit bed bugs accidentally from one person to another.


They can be imported from other nations and used as furniture. They can carry bags, purses, and backpacks. They can move between rooms in multi-unit buildings, such as apartments or motels.


Regular inspections can stop bed bug infestations. This will allow you to exterminate bedbugs quickly. Experts can quickly exterminate bed bugs.

How do I get rid of bedbugs quickly?

Bed bugs can be very irritating. Your home is your sanctuary, and they can enter it. These pests can be difficult to find and can pose a danger. They will infect your home and feed off your blood every night if you don’t get rid of them.


Bed bug infestations can cause severe irritation. Bed bugs don’t carry disease but can cause itching and red bumps.


Bed bugs can be prevented from returning. It is important to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible. Tom’s New Zealand pest management service is the best to eliminate an infestation. These steps will assist you in getting rid of bed bugs from your home.

What does a bedbug bite look and feel like?

Reddish bed bug bites may appear. Red bumps, lines or welts can look like zigzag or circular patterns. Small red bumps, lines or welts can cause hives and blisters. Flat patches or raised areas could indicate a papular eruption.


Bed bug bites can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. These severe allergic reactions should be treated immediately.


  • Blisters
  • Fever
  • Nauseousness
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • A swollen tongue
  • An erratic heartbeat


Bed bug bites can also cause sleep problems. It can be very distressing to think about being eaten. Some people have trouble sleeping, or they avoid sleeping at all. They tend to eat less at night. Our family can avoid these bed bugs.