Borer Pest Control New Zealand

Wood borers are as destructive as termites when destroying wooden structures. Many people think wood borers to be similar to small roaches. However, in reality, they are a type of beetle. These beetles lay eggs and hatch them in fresh-cut timber or trees. The larvae live and feed on wood until they grow up. Some larvae stay in the wood for years, and if this wood is used to construct your house, they enter your property.


What You Can Do?

It is essential to keep an eye on the signs of wood borers. If your home was constructed about 3 to 5 years ago, you must be extra careful. To spot wood borer infestation on your property, look out for signs like these:

  • Holes in wood around the property
  • Wood powder that looks like sawdust. If the powder looks fresh powder, it may indicate current activity.

If you have noticed these signs in your commercial or residential property, it is best to contact a pest control expert like us to help you! Our experts can get on to your property, inspect it, and design a customised pest control plan for you. 

What We Will Do?

Removing wood borers from a house or office is essential to avoid expensive damages. We are the experts you can trust when it comes to eliminating pests from your property. Tom’s Pest Control is a leading specialist in borer control, dedicated to offering premium services at affordable prices.
We have a team of certified and licensed specialists dedicated to offering rational and practical custom-made solutions to your pest control requirements. We use effective solutions and advanced techniques to ensure your property stays borer free for a long.


How Will Your Property Benefit From Our Borer Control Services?

Wood borers are harmful to your property as well as your health. Hence, keeping them away from your home or office is essential. When you appoint us to remove wood borer from your property, we ensure to give you the best of services. Once we carry out the required wood borer treatment at your property, you may enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Borer free wooden furniture and fittings.
  • No infection on sapwood and hardwood.
  • No damage to agriculture and forestry.
  • No fungi on wood.

Spotting borers at your place means guaranteed damage to your furniture. Also, if they induce fungi on wood, this can harm your health. Damages caused to your health and wooden structures both can be expensive to deal with. Therefore, we recommend you connect with us when you see the first signs of infestation. 

Why Trust Tom’s Pest Control?

For years, Tom’s Pest Control has been a renowned name in the pest control industry. Our team of trained and experienced pest controllers offer effective and safe pest control services in New Zealand. We have many clients associated with us for years now, and they are pleased with our service, which is why they have referred us to many of their acquaintances. 

Here are some of the reasons why our clients trust us: 

  • Same day pest removal services in case of an emergency 
  • Kid and pet-friendly treatment methods
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Certified pest controllers
  • Customised treatment plans 
  • Modern techniques for best results



Effective Borer Removal Methods We Adopt

Removing wood borers from your property is a tedious job. However, our experienced staff can handle it well. The type of treatment we use for your property will depend on the level of infestation, the areas affected, the type of wood, etc. When we come to your property, we will inspect it well and then decide on the method to remove the wood borer from it. If the infestation level is high, we may use a combination of treatments to get you the desired results.

Here are some of the standard methods we use for borer removal:

Surface Treatment

We use this treatment if the borer infestation is just on a particular surface. The method prevents the borer from getting inside your furniture and damaging its interior.


Spot Treatment

This is an effective treatment for controlling the borer pest on your property. With a proper ventilation system, we aim to control the woof moisture. The infected spot is covered with polyurethane and water sealants to protect the wood from moisture and prevent borer infestation.

Freezing Treatment

This treatment works well for small furniture because it requires furniture to be packed in plastic and frozen for about two weeks.

Pest Treatment Plan


This is a complex and expensive technique carried out by our professionals carefully. We use gaseous pesticides to suffocate and kill the borer. Though the chemicals we use are dangerous for pesticides, they are safe for your kids and pets.


In the infestation covers many areas in your home, we use this method. We spray insecticides on the wood to discourage borers from living on the furniture. Once we carry out this method, you can expect your furniture to be free of wood borer for years.

Rodent Control


What's the difference between a regular borer and a wood borer?

Small cracks in furniture or carpets can diagnose borers.


Wood borers are parasites that eat wood and wood furniture. Many wood borers are found in Australia. While some are harmful, others can be beneficial.


The furniture beetle is one of Australia’s most common borers. The furniture beetle is brownish-oblong-shaped and can grow up to 2.7mm to 2.5mm. They can leave 2-3mm space when moving furniture.

What are the signs that a woodborer infestation is occurring?

It is crucial to act fast to avoid more damage from wood borers. These are indicators that you may have a woodborer problem. 


  • Wood looks cleaner and fresher when it has sharp sides. 
  • Tests of placement may be performed in timbers (sometimes called galleries). 
  • Frass is also known as “birthed dirt” and is a kind of adult beetle. It is often found under infected wood. 
  • Poor or damaged floorboards could prove dangerous in difficult situations. For example, a chair leg or foot can cause serious injury if it breaks through the flooring. 
  • Wooden splintering at the edges of roofing joints and flooring 
  • Dead beetles are often found on windowsills that border polluted lumber. 
  • Adult beetles can emerge from wood at different times. 
  • The beetle determines the size and shape of eggs. They are, however, difficult to see with the naked eye.
Is it possible for wood borer to be treated?

Wood borer infestations can be managed at home. Borer beetle damage may also be managed at home using natural and artificial products.


Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand believes prompt and reliable treatment is essential to prevent mishaps, protect valuable items and prevent future ones. We can help you solve your pest problem.


We are concerned about your safety and the well-being of your family members, pets, and loved ones. Therefore, we will quickly restore your home to its original state. Our pest control technicians will eradicate the wood borer infestation.

What do I do if Borer's stop being active?

To determine if Borers have energy, draw a circle around entry/exit points below and above the influenced tree. Then, every three months, keep checking. If they don’t make new spaces, they are considered inactive. This is because they believe they can make the space livelier by creating new spaces.


Borers love antique furniture, architectural timbers, and floor coverings. Therefore, inspecting your furniture regularly to keep borers out of your home is important. Borer dirt can also be released if wooden furniture is thrown away.


However, dirt and openings are not necessarily indicative of a borer task. Place the paper under the wood to check for dirt production.

What is the average lifespan of wood borers?

There are many kinds and teams of wood-boring insects that can cause damage to wood, depending on the situation. Most damage is done in the larval stage, also known by woodworms. The longhorn borers are one of the most varied beetle families. They are a mixture of bark beetles as well as weevils.


The Borer can live approximately three years from egg to adult. Anobium borer is a woodborer that grows from an opening in a leaf. The Anobium borer reproduces then and lays eggs.


Borer is a grub/larva that lives in wood for the longest time. This can cause structural damage. This is the larval stage. This is the most common place to invest.

What can you do about borer damage?

You can do this by looking for contaminated wood powders in furniture. If the powder isn’t white or doesn’t clump together, a lap tee may still be present.


LA pterion may be present if the powder is yellowish-coloured and clumpy. If the problem persists, it is important to act immediately. Chemicals can be used to treat adult beetles. If the infection isn’t active, you can remove it from your home.


You can take the furniture down if it is yours. But first, you should inspect the furniture to ensure it is in good condition.

How can borers cause damage?

Wood-boring insects are destructive and can be a problem in rural and urban settings. Urban homes can also be at risk from these pests.


The most common wood-boring insects are termites, bark, wood borers, and powder post beetles. They may have been visible at the time they started to eat wood.


To house adult beetles, wooden holes are used. The larvae spend many years chewing wood after they hatch. As a result, wood borers can recycle nutrients from dead or dying trees, which can benefit forest ecosystems.

How can a borer get in the wood?

The wood borer larvae are small, invisible dots that infiltrate wood. They live in wood and eat it from the inside.


The adult beetle has completed hours of hard labour in the woods and is now ready to move. The diameter of an adult beetle’s hole is between 1-2mm to 3-4mm. The trapdoor is the last stage of wood-destroying.


After three to four weeks, they stop eating wood and reproduce. After hatching, the tiny eggs become larvae. These tiny holes, which slip into the wood, are almost invisible. Finally, place the eggs on top.