Beetle Pest Control Services New Zealand

If you have a beetle problem in your home or garden, our Tom’s Pest Control team can help. We offer a range of pest control services to remove various pests from your property. We provide effective pest control treatment for most pests, from beetle and bed bugs to cockroaches.

Beetles can be a nuisance in the home, as they are attracted to food and often end up in cupboards and pantries. They can also cause damage to clothes and fabrics. If you have a beetle infestation, getting rid of them as soon as possible is essential. At Tom’s Pest Control, we adopt various treatments like insecticide, traps and baits to ensure we remove the pests entirely from your home.

The treatment we adopt for your property depends on the infestation level and type of beetle living in your residential or commercial property. Each beetle species is different, so there are other ways to deal with them. Tom’s Pest Control team is well versed with all the effective techniques for removing various beetles from your property.


Types Of Beetle Pest Control Services

Beetle pest control services can be classified into two main types: chemical and non-chemical.

Chemical beetle pest control services involve using pesticides to kill beetles, whereas non-chemical beetle pest control relies on more natural methods, such as traps and insecticides. Both ways have pros and cons, so it’s essential to have your property inspected by our experts, who can look at the issue and decide better on which treatment to carry out.

No matter which method we choose to carry out on your property, you can be confident that we will do a great job. Whether we are applying chemical treatments or non-chemical treatments, we promise to give our 100% to get satisfactory results.

Signs Of Beetle Infestation

Some beetles are easy to spot, while some are so small that humans can’t see them. However, a pest control expert can detect the type of beetle on your property by looking at the damage they have caused. Though these species may not be visible to the naked eyes, the experts will be able to check for their signs and suggest suitable remedies.

Apart from looking at the damage caused by these pests, our team will examine the droppings found in various areas of your home or office. This, too, helps us detect the beetle species and the level of infestation.


Carpet Beetle Prevention

Many households face carpet beetle issues, which is one of the main reasons why the carpets get damaged. If you have purchased an expensive carpet for your property and do not want beetles to damage the natural fibres of your carpet, speak to us. We can offer effective beetle removal services to ensure your expensive carpets look like new for years. We will use the right products to kill beetles on your carpet without causing any damage to the material. Also, we can share some helpful prevention tips to extend the life of your carpets. Some common tips for carpet beetle prevention are:

  • Vacuum your carpets regularly
  • Keep changing the position of your furniture to check for beetle droppings, especially in rooms where there is a carpet. 
  • Use insect screens to prevent beetle in rooms with carpets
  • If you have spotted two or more beetles on your property, speak to us immediately to prevent them from spreading everywhere in your home

What To Expect From us?

Whether you hire us for carpet beetle control or garden beetle control, we promise to do a commendable job. Our team puts in their 100% to give you the results expected. At no point do we compromise on the quality of our work, so you may expect to receive the best of services. We will explain the procedure in detail before we begin working on the issue. Also, we will share all information about the infestation issue so you know exactly what’s happening. Once we complete the process, we will share some valuable tips to prevent the beetles from coming back to your property. These tips will be simple but effective, so the more you follow our guidelines, the better protected your home or office will be from future beetle attacks.

Pest Treatment Plan

What Steps We Carry Out?

When you hire us to remove beetles from your property, we will thoroughly inspect your property. First, we will check for the types of beetles and the severity of the issue. Depending on this, we will design a tailored treatment plan, including the method we will adopt, the products we will use, the time required and the results expected. Once we have created the plan, we will share the same with you for approval. The next step is to carry out the extermination. Our experienced pest controllers will do their best to carry out each step carefully and effectively. We will make arrangements not to cause any damage to you or your furniture while we carry out the procedure. We will share tips on preventing the beetles from entering your property again upon completing the process.



How do I know if a carpet beetle is near me?

The furniture carpet beetle comes in many colours and patterns. It can appear mottled by the black wing covers. If the sheen is removed, adults may find it black. They also have white undersides.


A black carpet beetle adult measures between 1/8 and 3/16 inches long. They are dark brown with dark brown legs. They have shiny, white hair with black spots. Larvae can grow up to 5/16 inches in length and come in various colours, from pale browns to black.


Anthrenus verbasci, an adult carpet beetle, has a black wing covering. It measures approximately 1/10 inch in length and has an irregular pattern with yellow-brown and white scales. These patterns will eventually fade. However, they may appear blackened or solid-brown as a result.

Is it possible for carpet beetles to disappear in winter?

Many beetles are capable of adapting to cold environments and still surviving. Some insects can tolerate lower temperatures. Diapause is an insect analogue to hibernation that some people try to avoid. You can instead use it as an alternative to hibernation.


Diapause can happen at any stage in beetle development, including the egg or nymph. During winter, adult beetles will seek refuge in their homes. The larval stage of beetles is attracted to firewood and other materials.


Some beetles, like carpets and rice weevils, can live for several years. However, some beetles have to move when it gets colder or dryer.

How do I stop a beetle infestation from happening?

Mint oil and plants are natural pest repellents. Mix 10-15 drops of peppermint oil with eight ounces of water to repel pests from your house. Spray the mixture over windows, doors, vents, and other areas.


Neem oil is insect-repellent and safe for pets and children. It repels over two hundred types of insects. You can repel insects from your home with neem oil.


Sticky traps to capture crawling insects might be an option. These traps are available at your local hardware store and can be placed anywhere you see beetle activity.

Carpet beetles: Should I be concerned?

Carpet beetles can cause serious damage to carpets and other natural materials, such as furniture covers, grain storage, curtains, or curtains.


Carpet beetles can infest homes and warehouses as well as other structures. They can be found on carpets and clothing, as well as windowsills. Because of their pale brownish skin, they may look similar to an egg.


Carpet beetles can be removed by vacuuming. Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand can help you eliminate carpet beetles. This will solve the problem quickly and prevent it from ever happening again.

How do I permanently eradicate carpet beetles?

You have two choices depending on the extent of the infestation: call an exterminator or clean it yourself. It is best to clean your whole home before you call an exterminator. Vacuuming is the most efficient and effective way to eliminate carpet beetle larvae. Then, it would be best if you focused on the most affected areas. Next, choose the area that you wish to focus on.


It is a good idea for the damaged fabric to be disposed of outside in an open trash can. It is crucial to get rid of infected clothing and fabric. It will only worsen the situation if you keep using contaminated textiles.


To prevent future infestations, use pheromone-based pesticides. To capture flying beetles, place traps outside windows and doors. After removing carpet beetles, it is important to keep them from returning.

How much does it cost to control beetles?

Depending on where you live, the cost of pest control can vary. For example, a pest specialist in Australia would charge $52 per job. Your location may affect the hourly rate. Depending on where you live, you could be charged $35-$65.


Prices for pest management vary depending on the frequency and extent of treatments.


To estimate the cost of pest management, ask for estimates from local service providers. Also, ask for recommendations from local service providers before hiring a pest control company for your home.

Will the beetle perish in the washer?

Carpet beetles can be eliminated by regular laundry and dry cleaning. Vinegar can be used to remove carpet mites from your washing machine. In addition, water spray bottles and apple cider vinegar can kill carpet mites.


You can wash clothes with vinegar and water to kill larvae and eggs. You can find beetle nests on clothes washed in vinegar water. Basements could also contain contaminated wool blankets and garments.


You should inspect carpets under and around them, as well as at edges and registers.

My pantry is infested by beetles! Thank you so much for your help.

You can find pantry beetles in your kitchen and pantry. These insects are small and can be found in your pantry, even though they may not appear large. You may also find small eggs in your pantry.


Multiple larvae and adults can be seen. There are many pantry beetle species, and they all behave and look alike. Therefore, it is important to identify the species before you do any work.


Regular inspections and cleaning up after yourself can help prevent the spread of pantry beetles. In addition, regular inspections and proper storage can prevent these bugs.

How can you fight carpet beetles?

Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand may be able to help you if everything fails. However, you may need to hire someone to eliminate the infestation. Carpet beetles, particularly their eggs, are tough creatures.


Carpet beetles can be easily removed from your home. This is a common problem. This problem can be solved. Let’s look at the drying and washing instructions. You should now be able to remove the carpet beetle or other fabrics from your floors.


Learn more about carpet beetles and how they can be eliminated. Then, use an insecticide that works for you to keep your environment clean. If you have concerns about an infestation, please contact us.

What causes carpet beetle infestations?

Carpet beetles can result from poor housekeeping. Carpet beetle’s larvae can cause serious damage to your house. Carpet beetles can eat hair, silk, wool, and animal products. This can be caused by poor cleaning, carpets that are discoloured or improper handling.


There are many ways that carpet beetles could infest your home. For example, carpet beetles can get into homes through windows and furniture. However, they might not be apparent to you.


Sometimes, it’s impossible to eliminate them all. Expert assistance may be needed for more complicated situations.

Is it possible for carpet beetles to spread from one house to another?

Carpet beetles can infest furniture, fur, plants, and other household items. Opening doors and windows can easily move them. They are attracted to taxonomy.


Adult carpet beetles could still live in your house if you suspect they are larvae. Carpet beetles love light, so that they can be found near light fixtures and windows.


Many households are compelled to buy synthetic-material-made carpets and apparel. Carpet beetles will not eat synthetic fibres, unfortunately. This is the only way they could harm animals. Our experts will help you eliminate beetle infestation.