Hospitality, Hand, & Motel Pest Control Services New Zealand

Hotels, motels, and all hospitality businesses must ensure their guests are always comfortable. For this, they must keep pests away from their property. Pests can pose a risk to your business reputation as well as the health and safety of your guests.

Tom’s Pest Control offers hospitality pest control services for hotels, restaurants, motels, bars, and other hospitality venues.

Our experts use the most up-to-date technology and industry-leading methods to address all pest problems quickly and efficiently. Pests should not ruin your customers’ experience. Hence, we offer a variety of pest control services at affordable prices.


Our services are available for businesses like:

Churches: Pests are not only a danger to one’s health but can also cause damage to the church’s reputation. A congregant might not return to a church because they are concerned about the presence of insects and rats.

Community Halls: These places are vulnerable to pest infestations because they often host large gatherings or events. It is essential to control pests regularly to prevent them from becoming severe problems in community halls.

Clubs: Problems with pest infestations can lead to severe consequences for the club and its members. Rodents, insects, and other pests can infest food, spread diseases, damage property, and disrupt events. Clubs must work with professionals to control pests and maintain hygiene and reputation.

Pubs: With food and drink spilled beverages, pubs can become a breeding ground for pests. But pests could cause more damage than just the pub’s reputation by spreading disease and contaminating food surfaces and food. Regular pest control is essential to avoid infestations and provide a safe environment.

Motels: Regular treatments for pest control can help prevent infestations from becoming a problem. This will allow clients to enjoy a comfortable stay at the motel.

Theme parks: Pest control is critical to operating a theme park. Pests like insects and rodents can damage park equipment and cause health issues for visitors. This can lead to creating a negative reputation for the theme park.

Caravan parks: Pest control is crucial to maintaining both the safety and health of visitors and staff in caravan parks. To avoid spreading allergies and diseases, unwanted pests such as rats, insects, and birds must be kept out of the park. In addition, to prevent property damage, regular pest control measures are essential.

Family resorts: It’s essential to ensure that guests feel safe and comfortable at family resorts. In addition, as pests can impact the health and reputation of resort staff and visitors’ physical health, it is essential to control them.

Shopping Centres: shopping malls are bustling places full of shoppers and merchandise. These places are also home to pests such as ants, roaches, and mice. Pest infestations can result in unsanitary conditions that can damage goods and lead to a loss of revenue for the shopping mall.

Retail Centres: Pest control is essential for customers, employees, and visitors. Pests can also cause structural damage to the building or merchandise. Preventive pest control measures can help prevent problems before they become serious.

Supermarkets: Professional pest management firms have the experience and tools to identify and eliminate pests from grocery store settings efficiently. Preventing infestations from developing can be achieved by performing regular inspections.

Local Shops: It’s vital to protect your local business from pests. Customers can be driven away by rodents and insects.

Experience and expertise are essential in pest management services for the hospitality industry. Tom’s Pest Control has been servicing hotels and motels for over two decades. We eradicate all types of pests, including rodents and insects.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to treat my property?

This will depend on the particulars of your property. For example, the number of rooms or potential entry points for insects. The pest control service provider will design a plan and schedule treatments consistent with your needs to prevent infestations.

Are guests allowed to remain in their room during pest control treatment?

Guests are typically asked to leave their rooms for several hours while the treatment occurs. However, some treatment methods allow immediate re-entry but with minimal disturbance.

Do pest control products cause harm to the staff or guests?

Your pest control company will only use approved products that pose no danger to pets or humans when used correctly. Using a trusted professional to maintain a pest-free area and ensure a pleasant stay for your guests is essential.