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Ants are classified as pests due to their tendency to infiltrate homes and offices for food or water. They get into any available openings, including cracks in walls or foundations, gaps around windows and doors, or other tiny crevices, to enter your premises. Additionally, they rely on the pheromone trails laid by their fellow ants, making it simpler to locate food sources within your dwelling.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we provide expert services for ant removal to ensure that your home is free of these pests. We aim to eliminate ants from your property entirely and take preventative measures to ensure they don’t return.

Types of Ants

Argentine ants, originally from South America, have become an invasive species in various regions worldwide, including Europe, Africa, Australia, and the United States. These ants are distinguished by their highly structured colonies and aggressive nature towards other ant species. They form extensive, interconnected colonies with distinct social organisations, including multiple queens.

Argentine Ants

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The species of ants known as Lasius Niger or black garden ants are found in Europe and parts of Asia. These ants are easily recognisable due to their black or dark brown colour and are commonly referred to as black ants" Worker ants of this species measure 3 to 5 mm long, while queens are approximately 12 mm long. Black garden ants are known for forming large, well-structured colonies and have a diverse diet that includes sugar, proteins, and insects.

Black Garden Ants

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Big-headed ants or coastal brown ants are a bothersome species inhabiting Western Australia. These ants are of a light golden-brown hue, with their minor workers measuring approximately 2 to 3 mm and major workers measuring between 3.5 to 4.5 mm in length.

Coastal Brown Ants

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Carpenter ants derive their name from their habit of building nests in wood, including the wooden structures of buildings. Typically, these ants are big, with adults measuring 6 to 12 mm, while the queen can grow up to 20 mm. Carpenter ants have distinct features such as heart-shaped heads, large jaws, and elbowed antennae. In addition, they have a diverse diet that comprises sugary substances, insects, and other small invertebrates.

Carpenter Ants

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Technomyrmex albipes, commonly called white footed house ants, are a type of ant characterised by their small size, measuring only 2.5 to 3 mm long. They exhibit a black to brownish-black body colour, with legs that are yellow white in hue. These ants typically form large colonies that consist of multiple queens and workers. White footed house ants consume various foods, including sugar, proteins, and insects. However, they have often been deemed pests as they invade buildings and other structures.

White-Footed House Ants

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Bull ants, a species of aggressive ants native to Australia, have unique physical characteristics, including a large head, powerful jaws, and a big black or red body. Their painful sting is utilised for both defence and foraging. Ranging in size from approximately 10 to 40 mm in length, these ants are considered harmful to humans and other animals due to their aggressive nature and potent sting.

Bull Ants

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If Singapore ants enter your home, they can quickly multiply and create a nuisance. They are aggressive and can form big groups, taking over the native ant population. Removing these ants from your house is essential because they can spread sickness and harm your furniture.

Singapore Ants

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Ants can bother people as they infiltrate houses and other buildings and cause bites, stings, and allergic reactions. Tom’s Pest Control understands that it’s essential for you to maintain a pest-free environment at home and work, which is why we provide high-quality ant control services at reasonable rates. Our specialists can help regardless of the extent of the infestation. Do not hesitate to contact us and share your pest-related concerns with us.

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