Mosquito Pest Control Service

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Hundreds and thousands of pests can enter your home and create a nuisance. One of the most common pests found almost in all properties is mosquitoes. There are thousands of species of mosquitoes. However, about 16 species are usually found in properties of New Zealand.

Mosquitoes like to feed on nectar like most insects. However, female mosquitoes feed on human and animal blood to get help with egg production. While mosquitoes may be present on your property for an entire day, they may typically feed on you during dawn and dusk. One of the primary reasons why people want to remove mosquitoes from their property is the discomfort their bites cause. A mosquito bite can cause swelling, itching and irritation.

If the population of mosquitoes is growing in your home, it is time to call the expert mosquito control company, Tom’s Pest Control In New Zealand. We use certified and approved pest control methods and solutions to remove the mosquitoes from your property. Our mosquito control treatments are effective and safe, so you don’t have to worry about our practices harming your kids or pets.


Why Do They Enter Your Property?

Mosquitoes breed on or near still water, and since stagnant water is available easily in homes and commercial spaces, they are found on almost every property. Female mosquitoes need a thin film of water to lay their eggs on, and this can be easily found in bird feeders, pet bowls, watering cans, etc. Moreover, mosquitoes can travel for about 20 miles to look for a blood meal, so even if there is no stagnant water available, they can enter your property to suck on your blood.

While mosquito bites cause temporary discomfort, they may become a source of disease transmission from one person to the other. Some of the common diseases mosquitoes may spread Dengue, Malaria, West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever.

To maintain hygiene and give your loved ones a healthy environment to live in, it is best to hire the best mosquito control company to carry out the necessary steps.

Controlling Mosquitoes

Controlling the growing population of mosquitoes on your property is possible with pest control expert intervention. However, there are some things you may do to reduce the number of mosquitoes coming to your property. Here’s a list of things you can do to avoid mosquito attacks in your home:

  • Keep your home clean, especially corners and tight spaces
  • Never leave water in a bucket for a long time. Also, flush birdbaths once a week
  • Install window screens
  • Repair cracks in water tanks
  • Cover open pipes and repair leakages if any 
  • Keep windows closed in the evening 

Professional Mosquito Control Method

At Tom’s Pest Control, we adopt a systematic approach to remove mosquitoes from your property. Here are the four steps we follow –


Our team of qualified pest controllers get to your property to examine the area. We check for all corners of your property to understand the level of infestation. Also, we check for the species of mosquitoes living in your home so that we can prepare the treatment plan accordingly.


Mosquito treatment

We will create a tailored mosquito pest control plan depending on what we find during the inspection. The plan will include:

  • Details like the treatment.
  • The timeline of the treatment.
  • All other things related to the procedure and results.
  • We aim to explain the details of the treatment before we begin it.


We adopt various treatment techniques at Tom’s Pest Control to give you satisfactory results. As mentioned in your treatment plan, our team can perform all types of treatments carefully, from biological control methods to physical control methods. Furthermore, we ensure to follow all written in the treatment plan to get you the promised results.

Pest Treatment Plan

Prevention Tips

Just one extermination session wouldn’t remove all mosquitoes from your property. This is why we share some prevention tips with our customers that will help them keep their property mosquito-free for long. We will share simple tips like removing stagnant water sources, installing screens on doors and windows, cleaning the floor regularly, etc. These tips may sound basic and straightforward, but they can make a massive difference in pest removal.

Why Is Tom’s Pest Control The Preferred Choice Of Many?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we aim to offer quality services to eradicate all pest problems from your property. We have catered to the needs of many customers, and some of the reasons for them to choose us for their pest control needs are: 

  • Quality service at affordable prices – Pest control services are expensive, especially for treating severe infestation issues. At Tom’s Pest Control, we aim to provide premium pest control solutions at the best possible price. 
  • Same/next day mosquito control services – We offer mosquito control services as per your requirement. Whether you want immediate assistance for your pest infestation issue or next day service, you can count on us for both. 
  • Certified pest control experts – We have a team of certified pest controllers who know precisely what is to be done and when. We carry out our appropriate treatment for pest removal, depending on the severity of the issue. If needed, we use a combination of treatments to get you the desired results. 
  • Family-friendly services – It may be scary to get pest control treatments done in a home with kids and pets. However, at Tom’s Pest Control, we ensure to carry out safety measures to remove the pests from your property without harming you or your environment. 
  • Upfront quotes – We provide free quotes for any service you are looking to avail yourself. Please speak to us about your pest control needs and ask for a free quote. 


How can we keep mosquitoes away from our garden?

Mosquitoes can make gardening more difficult. So, the specialist will apply to Reclaim IT insecticide to your yard.


If you have severe infestations of mosquitoes, we can spray your lawn using the Misting System and Mist Blower Flex 10-10. You should spray your lawn and other foliage at least once weekly to keep mosquitoes away.


These actions will decrease the likelihood of mosquitoes gathering in your yard and repelling them. You can also use less insecticide. Sprays and granules can be purchased at most hardware and garden shops. Use them only when you need them.

What are the benefits of using a mosquito-control product in your yard?

Moths can transmit cerebral malaria, brain fever, and dengue. A mosquito infestation can also affect your family.


Our main goal is to protect homes and families from mosquitoes. Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand employs a systematic, thorough approach to getting rid of mosquitoes in your home. First, our experts inspect your home to identify areas that may be affected.


The strategy is then created and implemented using both biological and non-chemical techniques. Finally, each customer receives a customized program that suits their specific needs.

What is the time it takes to kill mosquitoes?

The treatment of mosquitoes usually lasts between 4-8 weeks. Treatment of mosquitoes depends on several factors, such as weather conditions and population size. For example, we cannot spray mosquitoes in severe weather conditions and heavy downpours.


The wind blows away treatments, so your grass will have fewer. The treatment will be washed away if it rains for less than 30 min away. Once the treatment is dried, the rain will not cause any damage to the grass.


We recommend treating mosquitoes once per month during the mosquito breeding season to get the best results. Treatment will stop mosquitoes from landing on treated plants. In addition, it repels mosquitoes and keeps them away.

What are the symptoms of a mosquito infestation?

You could hear a constant buzzing sound if you have trouble with mosquitoes. On the other hand, if you are having trouble with mosquitoes, you might also hear a distinct buzzing sound.


Mozzie likes shade too. If you live in a dark and gloomy area, inspecting for signs that indicate infestation is vital. If you live in a forest, pests should not be brought home.


Imagine mosquitoes infesting the property or your home. They can be seen both at night and during the day.

Is it possible to get sick from using insect repellents?

No. Because of its toxic nature, residents are advised to remain indoors.


High doses of sumithrin can cause nausea, vomiting, throat irritations, headaches, stomach upsets, and nausea.


The spray is not dangerous, but it is best to avoid touching it. Experts predict that mosquitoes will decrease as temperatures drop. However, they will be present if exposed to cold temperatures.

How can I decrease the number of mosquitoes inside my house/building?

Mosquitoes can lay eggs in dark, damp areas, like behind sinks, closets, or laundry rooms. So, if they are attracted to mosquitoes outside, they might begin laying eggs indoors. This is the next crucial step.


You can eliminate mosquito eggs by emptying all water containers (vases and flowerpot saucers). Turn them around.


After cleaning, removing, and installing screens, spray indoor pesticides.


  • You can use bug sprays and foggers to kill mosquitoes indoors.
  • Our pest control specialists can help you treat your home.


Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand’s professional mosquito control technicians will ensure your home and workplace are free from mosquitoes.