Effective Pest Control in Tauranga

Pest invasion in residential or commercial property is a serious issue. It should not be ignored in any circumstances. Sometimes, the situation becomes so worse and out of control that it leads to irreparable damage. Also, pests on your property affect your environment’s healthy and hygienic condition.

To avoid health problems, damage to your property, and loss of money, you should contact Tom’s Pest Control as soon as you notice signs of pest infestations. DIY solutions are often not enough for long-term results or if you want to eliminate pests completely. You should take the help of pest control technicians for a permanent solution.

We provide wide-ranging pest control services in Tauranga with effective planning, great expertise, and accurate execution. The team of professionals at Tom’s Pest Control has years of experience in controlling and exterminating all pests and their different species.

We have served thousands of clients with residential and commercial pests’ issues. We will also assist you with the same day pest treatment service. Call us today to book an inspection.

    Our Pest Control Services in Tauranga

    At Tom’s Pest Control, you will find the solution for all your pest control needs. Whatever pest issue you are dealing with, our technicians ensure to resolve it in no time. You will be able to get the best pest control treatments for all kinds of pests under one roof. Each treatment is carried out with great care, perfection, and professionalism. We work in accordance with industry standards.

    Termite Pest Control Tauranga

    Termite infestation needs to be treated immediately as it can cause major damage to the property’s structure. These pests feed wooden furniture and other wooden items. If left untreated for a long time, it may even lead to the demolition of the property. Termite infestation, whether in homes or businesses, can be the reason for several health issues.

    To prevent your property from these destructive pests, you can take the help of Tom’s Pest Control. We will provide the most effective termite control treatment to save your property from further damage. Our technicians will act immediately after getting your call. We use the latest techniques and methods to destroy termites permanently.


    Rodent Control

    Rodent infestation is not only responsible for health risks, but rodents can also cause damage to your property. Though it is challenging to kill rodents completely, this can be achieved with an expert’s help. We at Tom’s Pest Control are well-equipped with great expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and in-depth knowledge to provide 100% long-term results.

    We specialise in exterminating rat infestation quickly and entirely from residential and commercial properties. Our pest controllers can tackle all types of pest invasion issues with complete perfection. We have a proven record of 100% positive feedback from clients with varied businesses. We do not leave any chance of recurring post-treatment.

    Mouse Control

    Mice may be small, but they cause significant problems for homeowners because of their ability to damage properties and spread diseases.

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we understand the importance of quick and effective mouse control services to protect your property and your family’s health. Our treatment involves thoroughly inspecting three critical areas, including access points, trails, and nests. We create customised treatment plans by identifying these key areas and working accordingly to eliminate the issue.

    Commercial Pest Control Services

    As a commercial property owner, you know that pests can disrupt your daily operations. Not only can they destroy your stock, but also spread diseases and create a sense of discomfort among your employees. To ensure your workplace remains pest-free, you need professional pest control services from our certified technicians. At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a team of commercial pest control experts who specialise in examining large commercial areas for pest problems and adequately handling the pest eradication.

    Whether you’re dealing with a rodent, termite, or bird infestation, our team of professionals has the knowledge to handle any pest problem. So, don’t let unwanted pests threaten your business. Book our commercial bird control Tauranga services today.

    End Of Lease Pest Control Treatment Tauranga

    Generally, tenants are held accountable for addressing pest and vermin problems that occur after they’ve moved in and if the issue results from their actions or poor hygiene. This could include situations where a tenant has a pet on the premises or fails to dispose of trash, leading to the attraction of cockroaches, ants, or mice.

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we guarantee to create a secure and pest-free environment for your rental property by eradicating all pest infestations. Our pest control experts are certified and extensively trained to provide quality services and peace of mind.

    Ant Pest Control

    Ants are not harmful pests until you find ant colonies on your property. Ants get multiplied quickly, build colonies, and infest your property. They can easily enter your home through cracks in the wall, doors, windows, or any other points. You should act smartly as soon you notice ant colonies in any area of your property.

    Our pest control experts take each job seriously and do not leave any stone unturned to provide effective ant treatment service. We will help you eliminate ants from your home or business in no time. If required, we also provide ant fumigation service to make your place pest-free.

    Spider Control

    Spider Control

    Spiders can be found in any location across New Zealand. If you see spiders in or around your property and you are unable to remove them, don’t waste a minute and contact Tom’s Pest Control. Not all, but some spider species are harmful to humans and animals. If you have kids and pests at your home, you should immediately treat spider infestation.

    Our technicians will provide the best spider control treatment and protect your family and pets from various health issues. You can rely on us to destroy any type of spider species in Tauranga.

    Wasp Removal

    Wasps are dangerous pests that need to be treated immediately after you notice the signs of their existence. Even a tiny bump on their nests can make them aggressive, and they may attack you. Our pest control experts will remove their nests safely using all precautionary measures. We are known for offering top-quality wasp removal services in Tauranga.

    Our years of experience in the industry help us execute each job accurately and proficiently. We are experts in eliminating all wasp species from homes and commercial spaces. Contact us anytime for professional wasp extermination service.

    Pest Treatment Plan

    Our Commercial Pest Control in Tauranga

    We are a licensed pest exterminator in Tauranga and its surrounding areas. We understand the role of employees and customers in your business’s growth. It is crucial to give your employees a fresh, clean, and healthy workplace. A hygienic commercial space also plays a great role in attracting more customers.

    When there is a pest infestation at your business, it brings a negative impression on your clients. It may also result in the cancellation of an important business deal. We do not want our clients to suffer any such situation at their commercial property. We offer budget-friendly and effective commercial pest control in Tauranga.

    No matter what business you are in, we can fulfil all your pest control requirements. We use industry-approved and highly safe pest control products and techniques. We have expertise in handling all types of complex pest removal jobs.

    We will inspect your property and create a customised treatment plan. We guarantee 100% satisfactory results.

    Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

    Tom’s Pest Control in Tauranga is a reputed name for seamless pest control strategies and vast knowledge. All thanks to our pest control technicians and the way they execute each job. We follow a standard approach that sets us apart from our competitors.

    • Licensed and highly trained technicians
    • Customised pest control treatment
    • Same day and emergency pest removal
    • Free and instant quote
    • Cost-effective services
    • Advanced equipment and methods
    • Highly excellent results
    • Safe for kids and pets

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