Bull Ants

Bull ants have impressive size and distinct behaviour compared to other ant species. Their aggressive nature makes them prone to stinging when they sense danger. With their excellent eyesight, they can hunt prey up to a meter away. These ants build their colonies underground, like many other ant species.


Bull ants can grow up to 40 mm in size. These impressive insects have big eyes and long, slender mandibles, making them easily identifiable. With superior vision, bull ants can track and follow their prey three feet away.

They have vibrant heads and reddish-orange abdomens. Beware of the jumper ants, smaller fighters that launch aggressive attacks on their enemies.

Discover the widespread habitat of bull ants across New Zealand, from urban areas and forests to health and even coastal regions, sandplain, and desert areas. These formidable insects typically nest outdoors beneath soil, rocks, and logs.

These ants mainly consume nectar, plant liquids, fruits, seeds, and insects. You’ll often see them near food sources, as they enjoy scavenging and bringing back food to their nests.

The intriguing life cycle of bull ants progresses through four distinct phases: eggs, larvae, pupae, and mature. This transformation from an egg to an adult takes a few months. Witness the diligence of the bull ant queen, who, after mating, starts digging a safe burrow in her nest for her precious eggs.

They build two types of nests – simple and complex. Simple nests boast a distinctive central shaft, while complex ones are cleverly constructed underground and surrounded by mounds.

Some bull ant species don’t have workers; instead, the queen raids other nests. These queen ants will enter a foreign colony, kill the reigning queen, and conquer the colony.

Danger to Humans

Ants can be aggressive and will sting humans if they feel threatened. The pain from their sting can be managed with an ice pack, but if you experience an allergic reaction, seek medical help immediately. Stay safe when dealing with these tiny creatures.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do bull ants attack humans?

Bull ants are known for being aggressive and may attack if threatened. Their powerful mandibles grip their target, followed by a painful sting that can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, it’s best to avoid the areas where these ants are commonly found. It will help you to avoid potential encounters.

Where can you find bull ants?

The versatile bull ants can be found in both woodlands and metropolitan areas. But they prefer to nest the areas rich in food sources.

Where do bull ants build their nests?

These ants build their nest several meters underground. It makes them hard to spot their small entrances, which can be dangerous if you accidentally come too close. In addition, bull ants can attack anyone who threatens their nest.