Pre Purchase Building Inspection And Pest Control in Auckland, New Zealand

Purchasing real estate entails numerous selections, and mistakes can be costly. This is especially true if you cannot determine the value of the property or if there are problems hidden from your eyes. 

If you are not a real estate investor, you may be unaware of several hidden dangers while purchasing a home property. Concerns and damage can make buying a home difficult, from an undetected roof leak to hidden mould damage.

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control, New Zealand’s most trusted name in pest control and inspection services.

To protect the interests of potential purchasers, we provide pre-purchase inspection services for residential properties. Our inspection services will help us to identify hidden defects and pest issues at the property. 


Why Should You Get A Pre-Purchase Property Inspection?

A pest inspection for your property can save you a lot of money. It will provide you critical information about the property you want to purchase. A residential pest inspection is necessary whether you are looking to buy a new house or want to be safe in your current property for the following reasons: 

  • The inspection helps you identify possible concerns with the property. What challenges might you face in the future?
  • The inspection can also assist you in identifying any humidity issues at the property, such as potential mould growing conditions.
  • With the appropriate information, you can reduce your chances of losing money.

A pre-buy survey allows you to be involved in all aspects of the home purchase and after-purchase modifications. In short, you will be able to make wise decisions.

Our Residential Inspection Services

At Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand, many buyers prefer pest inspection to avoid future pest difficulties and challenges. Every client has unique requirements. As a result, we provide two types of pest inspection services. Select the one that best meets your needs and budget.

Building Inspection

Our pest inspectors will inspect all aspects of the property for small to significant pest concerns.It will cover the floor, carpets, stairs, roof,  plumbing, basement, and other regions.

We will collect all of this information so you can know the current situation and potential future infestation dangers. Our report will include images, descriptions, dimensions of all concerns, and an estimate for their repair. We will also inspect the property for mould and pest infestations. 


Pest Inspection and Control 

The inspection is the unique approach for those who want to know the general state of the home as well as any pest issues. We will identify and define any past and present pest issues at the property, the property’s condition, and any damage.

We will inspect your home for termites, wood borers, various fungi, fleas, and other pests and offer treatments if necessary. Remember that these pests can risk your safety and health, as well as reduce the value of your property. Many Auckland, New Zealand neighbourhoods are famous for pest infestation difficulties, and most of those issues are hidden from a future buyer’s view. 

Our trained pest and building inspectors in Auckland, New Zealand will provide a complete report detailing all previous and present pest damage and issues at the property. It will help you take immediate measures to protect your investment.

Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand – Trusted Pre Purchase Building Inspection Provider 

Tom’s Pest Control experts have years of experience inspecting around many property types, including any pest extermination services. Our company stands apart for the following reasons:-  

Certified & Experienced Inspection Specialists

In Auckland, we have trained and highly experienced inspection specialists who can give you an actual situation of your home. Our team is committed to supporting you in locating wood pests on your property.


State-Of-The-Art Systems and Tools

We have implemented new technology into our methods and employ cutting-edge techniques to provide our customers with the most accurate property surveys possible. This simplifies our inspection methods and enables us to provide timely results.

We use motion magnification technologies, water leak detectors, and drone imaging to capture damage to the property’s roof and other unreachable parts We also employ thermal imaging cameras to discover temperature irregularities on your property and identify possible pest infestations. 

Upfront Quote and Professional Service 

We will offer you affordable building inspection and pest control cost for our pest inspection service whether you contact us by phone or through a contact form. We will schedule an inspection at a time and date suitable for you. We are dedicated to making the inspection process simpler and more convenient for our clients. 

Rodent Control

Quick Inspection Services

Our local pest inspectors will inspect your property the same day or the next day. We want you to know about any pest problems on your property as soon as possible. We will come to the property the same day you call, or anytime you choose. After evaluating the property, you will receive the pre purchase building pest inspection report within 24 hours. 


What Are The Steps Of A Pre-purchase Pest Inspection?

Many homeowners are surprised to hear about the high property value in New Zealand. But unfortunately, termite damage is often hidden behind walls. Likewise, termite damage is often hidden beneath floors.


Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand will inspect your property before you purchase it. We will provide all the information that you need to make informed decisions. Our inspector is a licensed timber inspector, so you won’t have to deal with a newcomer building inspector.


This article will discuss all aspects of pre-purchase insect inspection. It should be clear and concise. The report can include images. An inspector might also use motion detectors and moisture meters to investigate potential problems.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Pre-purchase Inspections In An Average Time?

Finding the right home is thrilling. This is your most significant financial investment. You will be happier if your home is highly qualified and contains no surprises. Inspecting each room and looking for high-risk areas, such as the roof void or underneath the floor, can take some time.


Many variables affect the length of an exam. Likewise, many variables, such as type, scale, number, and structure, can also affect the length of an exam. An exam usually takes two hours.


Pest inspections are a great way to save money and reduce your risk. You’ll also have security and peace of mind. Expert reports can also be provided to identify construction defects.

What Is The Cost Of A Pre-purchase Inspection?

A pest inspection costs $75-$100, depending on the property’s size and what pest treatment company it is. You can negotiate who pays when you purchase a property. The seller or buyer may bear these costs.


The inspection fee does not cover infestation costs. However, most pest control professionals will offer an inspection at no charge if you have a pest problem.


A professional agent should be able to recommend a pest control company. Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand provides the best pre-purchase inspections.

What Is A Pre-purchase Pest Inspection?

Pre-purchase pest inspections are conducted before the property is sold. This inspection ensures that the property is pest-free and secure. A professional pest control company usually performs this inspection on behalf of the buyer.


The buyer will pay for any pre-purchase pest inspection. Therefore, professional help may not be necessary for certain indicators. However, even if there are no obvious signs, a property can be infested.


Pest infestations are usually only apparent after they have established dominance. Therefore, these are the most obvious signs of an infestation.


  • Termites can leave mud marks on walls.
  • Carpenter beetles, and other insects, can live in burrows and even holes.
  • Moles, wasps, and other insects can be found in soft spots.
  • Broken screens or fences can lead to rodents such as mice and squirrels.
Who Should Inspect The Pests Before Buying?

It is important to evaluate the condition of your house and identify any problems that may need fixing. You should also assess the property’s worth.


Pre-purchase inspections can help you ensure that you’re buying a quality home. If you don’t complete your pre-purchase inspection, you may not be eligible for a mortgage loan.


Your bank may require documentation about the property’s state before granting you a loan. Repairs can save you thousands of dollars.