Fox Trapping New Zealand

Do foxes visit your property often? Do you want to discourage them from getting into your premises? If yes, speak to the experts at Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand.

Tom’s Pest Control offers reliable and professional fox control services. We know how dangerous foxes can be to your pets or livestock. So we offer fox trapping services by a team of certified pest specialists.


Fox Controlling Is Important – Here’s Why

If you have spotted foxes many times in your area, you know it is time to hire an expert for fox control. Here are some reasons why fox control services are required – 

  • Foxes may carry infectious parasites that can be transmitted to pets and humans, thus being dangerous to their health.
  • If you encounter foxes during their breeding period, they may get aggressive and attack you or your pets.
  • Without fox control, it may be difficult for people in rural areas to achieve their agricultural production goals. 
  • Too many foxes in an area may affect the region’s biodiversity.

Why Hire Us For Fox Trapping?

Tom’s Pest Control is an expert in fox trapping or fox control services. We have been in the pest control industry for years and have removed thousands of different pest species from all types of properties, be it residential or commercial

Many customers in New Zealand rely upon us for our reliable pest removal services. They know we do a commendable job in pest control, which is why they refer us to all their acquaintances.

Some of the primary reasons why our clients trust us are – 

Experienced staff: 

We know that every pest is different, and hence we cannot deal with all pest control requirements in the same manner. The method of removing foxes from your property will be other than removing possums, termites, or cockroaches. No matter what type of pest removal services you are availing from us, you may expect a positive outcome. Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle the removal of all types of pests from various properties in a systematic manner.

Pest removal for all types of properties: 

Whether foxes are entering your residential property or commercial, you can call us for help. Our team undertakes the removal of foxes from all types of properties.

Same/next day fox control services:

We know that the presence of foxes on your property can be scary. Therefore, you would want a pest control company to help you instantly. At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer both next days and same-day services, so depending on the severity of the issue and your requirement, we can undertake the pest removal work. 

Safe, family-friendly fox control methods:

 Seeing foxes near you can be scary. To make you comfortable, we ensure to carry out safe and family-friendly ways to remove foxes from your property. Once our experts are at your property, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Affordable prices:

 Fox removal services can be costly. However, at Tom’s Pest Control, our fox removal services at available at affordable prices. So whether you want to remove a fox from your property or make arrangements for them not to revisit you in future, you can avail of our effective services at the best price possible. 

Upfront quotes: 

It is evident that before you hire a pest control expert, you would want to know the cost of the services you are looking to avail yourself of. At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer upfront quotes for our services, so you can budget and avail yourself of them at your convenience. 

Transparent service experience: 

We do not believe in hiding information from our clients. Hence, we are transparent about everything, whether our services or pricing. Therefore, when you discuss your pest control needs with us, we will provide you with all the information you must know before booking our services. 

One hundred per cent satisfaction guarantee: 

For us, customer satisfaction is the most important. We consider our business to be running great only when we get positive reviews from our clients. We aim to offer premium quality services at affordable prices and make our customers happy. 




Fox Removal Method We Adopt

Fox removal from properties is a big responsibility. We only send our certified and experienced pest controllers to undertake this job. Here’s a step by step guide on how we go about with the fox removal services –


Our certified fox removal technicians will come to your property to inspect the place. We will focus on finding the habitats of the various pests around the premises during the inspection. This helps you understand the potential prey of the fox near you. Our inspection also helps us evaluate the safety measures you may adopt to protect your pets or crops from foxes.


Treatment Plan

We customise a fox removal plan for your property based on our findings. We aim to restrict the entry of foxes into your property to safeguard your animals and assets. The treatment plan that we draft includes complete information on our services like the treatment procedure, product or solution to be used, the procedure’s effectiveness, the timeline of the treatment, etc. Before we begin with the treatment, we explain the plan to you, so you know what we will do!

The Extermination

We aim to deliver the best results possible by combining various procedures and strategies. In most cases, we adopt a combination of treatments to ensure 100% extermination of the pests creating a nuisance at your property.

Pest Treatment Plan

Prevention Methods

There are chances of the foxes coming back to your property even after we have implemented a treatment plan. This makes it essential for our customers to follow the ongoing prevention tips we share with them. We suggest our clients take minor steps to prevent the foxes from returning. Our recommendations are easy to follow and 100% effective.


How can you manage fox pests?

Although foxes aren’t dangerous, they can transmit diseases to pets and their families. Farmers, particularly poultry farms, can be threatened by foxes. Small and large pets, as well as animals, can be injured or killed by foxes.


Let’s suppose that none of these options works. Then, professional fox controller specialists may be required in such instances.


Trapping, shooting trapping and wild trapping are the most common methods of managing foxes. However, as we’ve already stated, these methods have not been extensively tested in Australia.

How important is Fox Control?

The Biosecurity and Agricultural Management Act 2007 Western Australia (the Act) states that foxes can be considered a pest. To reduce their negative effects, they must be controlled throughout the state.


Many red foxes call Victoria home. Multiple methods of control are better. It is important to consider the whole community, not individual properties.


Fox trapping companies offer many options to help you get rid of your dog. Fox trapping is our specialty. Respect for the animal must be guaranteed by any state or territory legislation.

How do I know if Fox is causing me problems?

To calculate their sizes, it is important to prove that foxes caused the loss. It is against the law to keep wild and feral dogs away.


You will unlikely be able to witness foxes at night hunting. Therefore, it is best to look for other signs of involvement. You could also look for paw prints to determine if the Fox is involved. It’s easy to tell the difference between the paw pads and the predators of dogs.


To determine the cause of death, it is important to examine corpses.

What is the Fox Trapping Service, and how does it work?

Foxes can be caught in both urban and semi-rural areas, which may make it difficult to use poison baiting. Trapping is a great way to manage obtrusive wildlife. However, it is not recommended to use trapping for the general management of foxes.


Cage traps work better in residential and urban areas than leg-hold traps. Non-target animals can be released with minimal injury. You can also transfer foxes from one area to another for their elimination.


Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand provides fox control services for residential and commercial properties. This four-step process will decrease the chance of foxes invading your property.

What is it that attracts foxes onto my property?

Foxes love yard waste, bird seeds and pet food. Foxes love to build dens under patios and decks.


Please avoid direct contact with foxes as they are very suspicious of humans. Foxes can also pass parasites and germs to humans. Some can be passed to pets, but others can be passed via excrement. Echinococcus multilocularis, a new disease that affects canid-tapping worms, is an example.


Fox removal experts will inspect your property for potential hiding spots. We will also search for prey foxes within your neighbourhood.

What can I do if I want foxes to leave my yard?

Boil the garlic, chilli peppers, water, and salt. Spray the mixture all over. Foxes are not allowed in your garden. This natural repellent will get rid of foxes from your yard.


You can also install an automatic water pistol. These tools can be used for keeping foxes away from your yard. These systems require extremely high water pressure to be connected to a hosepipe. A battery can power the motion sensor


Imagine that you have trouble managing dense fox populations. Our fox eradication efforts may help these cases.