Moth Control New Zealand

Clothes moths are found in many households in New Zealand. They are the reason why your clothes may have holes. If not treated on time, the moth infestation may rise, causing severe damage to your clothes.

Tom’s Pest Control is an expert in moth removal. We provide moth treatments that are effective and safe for your residential and commercial properties. For carpet moth treatment, white moth removal, brown house moth control, and more, you can count on us.


Why Moth Control Is Required?

Moths don’t bite humans or pests. However, they can cause severe damage to your belongings. A lot of people want to remove moths from their property immediately because – 

  • Some moths may feed on clothes, carpets, and other fabric, causing damage to your belongings. 
  • They may trigger allergies like asthma, thus making you uncomfortable. 
  • If there are too many moths on your property, they may fly around your face and irritate you. 
  • Some moths are noisy and may make it difficult for you to enjoy a peaceful sleep.
  • Certain species of moths are harmful to crops.

No matter your reason for availing our month control treatments, feel free to discuss them with us. Understanding what you expect from our pest control treatments helps us guide you better and give you a clear picture of the results that can be achieved. 

How Do You Know Your Home Has Moth Infestation?

It may be challenging to spot moths by just looking around. However, it would help if you looked for signs that show their presence on your property.

First of all, you must notice if adult moths are located in dark areas of your property—for example, in your closet or a store room where lights are off most of the time. If you spot an adult moth, take a close look for larvae. Moth larvae look similar to maggots.

The common moths found in New Zealand homes are the webbing clothes and meal moth.

Webbing clothes moths are about an inch long and have no distinctive markings and straw-coloured wings. Their larvae are creamy-white and have a brown heads. These moths usually make irregular holes in fabrics.

The other type, known as the meal moth, is found in the kitchen. They are grey and usually lay eggs on food items like flour, grains, etc. The larvae feed and survive on the foodstuff, and while they do so, they produce a webbing that indicates spoiled food.


Our moth Treatment Procedure

At Tom’s Pest Control new zealand, we believe in eradicating all types of pests from your property; this is why we adopt modern techniques and safe solutions. We follow a four-step pest removal procedure to get you the desired results.


When you discuss your pest control needs with us, we send our team of certified pest controllers to your property to study the problem in depth. Our experts examine every corner of your home to check for all the moths’ hiding areas. In addition, they gather information on the infestation issue like the level of infestation, the species, the areas affected, etc.


Moth Control Treatment Plan

The next step is to use the information collected to create a tailored treatment plan. All information about the treatment is included in the plan to help you understand what we will be doing, how we will be doing it, and what you can expect. Providing complete details on the treatment plan will clarify what efforts we will be putting in to remove moths from your property.


Our next step is to carry out the extermination procedure as mentioned in the treatment plan. Whatever we have stated in the treatment plan will be executed to give you the expected results. Our technicians will carry out every step carefully to ensure 100% results and complete customer satisfaction.

Pest Treatment Plan

Ongoing Prevention

Once we complete the extermination, we will share some valuable tips for preventing the issue from arising again. We will provide some simple yet effective methods to avoid moths from returning to your property. Following our instructions will help you keep your home free of moths.

Why Choose Us?

You must trust us with your pest removal requirements for many reasons. Here are some of them:

Best Prices

We believe in offering quality services at affordable prices. Even though our services are of high quality, our prices are competitive. 

Safe Services 

Often, moth removal involves using one or more methods to get effective results. No matter what type of treatment we do, we take care of the safety of you, your family, and those around you. Also, we carry out the procedure so that no damage is done to your property. 

Free Quote 

You would want to know the cost of services before you decide about availing them. You can call our experts to discuss your pest control needs and ask for a free quote. We are more than happy to provide our clients with an estimated cost beforehand so they can budget the expense accordingly.

Same Day Services

We know there are times when pest control services are required immediately. In such cases, we provide same-day services to our clients to go to bed peacefully without worrying about the infestation level increasing the next day. 

Seamless Service Experience

We aim to make all our customers happy with our services. No matter what type of service you avail from us, we will make things easy for you to make your experience with us memorable. 


What are the most common moth species along the New Zealand?

Tineola Bisselliella, also known as clothes moth. This moth, which is a wool-loving moth, lays both eggs and larvae. They can also be found in grains and stored foods.


Another annoying pest that you might encounter in your home is the pantry moth. The pantry moth lives in food products, cupboards, and other places. From its larvae, it can become an adult moth. They will attack all food, including pet foods such as seeds and dates.


Next is the Luna moth. This common silk moth is unusual due to its large size. Large moths are often seen in light colours of lime with large bodies, wings, legs, and bodies. However, their bodies are usually white.

What are the dangers of moth infestations?

Moths’ cocoons or waste can contaminate food items. Moths can also infest food with mites or fungi. Moth-infested fabric can also cause allergic reactions in humans and animals.


They can cause serious damage to food products, fibre, timber, and forest, as well as annual and perennial food, fibre and lumber, and forest. For example, they can result in food and fibre commodities losing up to 80%.


Moth problems in residential and commercial buildings can be fixed. After you tell us about the moth problem, we will give you complete satisfaction. Call us today for a free quote

Why would you need professional moth control and removal services?

It is not easy to find holes within your favourite sweater. Moths that feed on fabric cannot be seen and won’t cause any harm until it’s too late. After you have proof, contact professional moth controllers.


Professionals can do moth detection and prevention. Our specialists and employees exceed the requirements of Quality Pro and the National Pest Management Association.


We provide skilled services and offer a free estimate. We are committed to satisfying our customers. Call us for pest control services in your home or office.

Is moth control and removal safe?

Permethrin can be used to control moths. Permethrin kills moth larvae. Permethrin can paralyse moth larvae. This can lead to their death in a matter of hours.


Enzymes break down Permethrin in cats, animals, and humans. They are, therefore, not affected by toxic substances. As a result, products treated with Permethrin can be sold without moth holes.


Moth larvae can cause death to your products within five minutes. Moth larvae will not infest your products, so you can protect customers and ensure your products are unique. To ensure your customers’ safety, you must use moth control products.

How do you manage moths best?

A rare example of a specific type is the moth, a flying insect polluting plant species. Worldwide, there are about 160,000 moth species. Over 11,000 moth species are found in Australia. These are just a few ways to remove moths from your home. We’ll then discuss the health risks and when to call a professional.


After you are done cleaning, clean your vacuum cleaner. While cedar furniture can be used to repel moths, the scent of cedar oil will eventually fade. So, cedar oil is a better choice.


White vinegar, a natural cleaner, alters the pH levels on surfaces it touches. This can make certain environments incompatible with moth eggs or larvae. Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand will be your best option if you don’t want to resort to DIY methods to eliminate moths.