Mite Control Treatment New Zealand

Dust mites are primarily present in human habitats and are common for triggering allergies. Exposure to dust mites can lead to health issues like asthma, atopic eczema, and allergic rhinitis. Dust mite issue is prevalent in New Zealand; hence, almost all pest control companies offer mite control treatments. While many companies provide this service, not all can do a good job. Though these pests are tiny, they are challenging to deal with, so hiring experienced and knowledgeable pest controllers is recommended.

Tom’s Pest Control is excellent at handling mite control treatments. We have the expertise and knowledge to tackle these pests well. Thanks to our modern methods and effective pest removal products, we can take care of black mite removal from all types of properties. So whether your home has mite issues or your commercial property like a café or restaurant, you can count on us for safe and effective mite treatment.


Why Should You Hire An Expert To Control Mites On Your Property?

Dust mites don’t bite humans. However, they do trigger allergies. With mites being present in a room, a person with asthma or dust allergy may feel uncomfortable and uneasy. While you or your family members may not have an allergy, a friend or relative visiting you may fall sick if they enter your room that has dust mites. This is why it is essential to hire pest control services to remove dust mites or other types of mites entirely from your property.

Some properties may also be attacked by scabies mites, which trigger allergic reactions, but more severe ones. These mites can cause severe itching and threadlike marks on various body parts, including hands, wrists, and elbows.

Many times properties are invaded by bird mites too. Known as black mites, this specie can bite humans. Their bites cause extreme irritation and a pricking sensation and may lead to secondary infection. Like black mites, rodent mites bite humans leading to itchiness and irritation. However, these mites do not transmit any virus to humans. Still, the person needs to undergo a mite bite treatment to avoid illness.

No matter which type of mite is hiding in your property, you need to make arrangements to remove them entirely from your home or office. Be it a residential property or commercial, we at Tom’s Pest Control can carry out the required steps to remove all mites surrounding you.

Our Pest Control Method

At Tom’s Pest Control, we carry out a four-stage treatment procedure to remove mites from your property.


Once you hire us for pest control on your property, we schedule an inspection of your property, depending on your availability and comfort. Then, we will send our mite control experts to examine your property and check for the issue. We aim to check for the level of infestation, the type of mite, and the extent of damage done.


Mite Treatment Plan

Based on our inspection, we prepare a treatment plan to carry out on your property. The plan will include complete details on the treatment procedures, the timeline, the expected outcome, and more. We will mention the full details of the treatment to you before we begin the process.

The Extermination Procedure

We will carry out the treatment as mentioned in the treatment plan. In most cases, we apply safe and approved insecticides to remove mites without causing any harm to humans and pets. Therefore, we aim to carry out the procedure just as mentioned in the treatment plan and get you the promised results.

Pest Treatment Plan


Our job ends once we have removed the mites from your property. However, your work begins here. Before we leave your property, we will share tips on maintaining cleanliness and keeping the mites away from your home or office. By following the tips provided, you can enjoy a mite-free environment for an extended period.

Why Must You Hire Us?

Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand is a reputed name in the pest control industry. We have catered to thousands of clients’ pest control needs, making us an expert. Some of the reasons why our clients believe in us are:

Same/next day mite pest control services

We offer same day or following day pest control services depending on your requirements. If there’s an emergency, you can ask our pest controllers to reach your doorstep the same day. 

Certified pest controllers

The pest control job must be carried out by certified pest controllers only for maximum efficacy of the treatment and safety of the property owners. At Tom’s Pest Control, we send only certified pest controllers to carry out the task carefully. 

Safe pest control services

While our focus is on getting results with our pest control treatments, we do not compromise on the safety of the property owners. Our methods, tools, techniques and products are safe for you and your pets. 

Best prices

Though our services are of premium quality, they are reasonably priced. So you can expect to receive the best of service at affordable prices. 

Obligation-free quotes

We offer an obligation free quote for your convenience. If you want to know the cost of our pest removal services, feel free to contact us and ask for a free quote. 

Transparent service experience

At no point do we hide any details from you and ensure you know everything about the procedure from the start to the end. 


What are the most prevalent mite types?

They are 0.04 inches ( long, so it’s not surprising that they are often seen. Scientists estimate that there are approximately 48,000 mite species in the world.


Clover Mites include House Dust Mites (Itch Mites), Clover Mites (House Dust Mites), Itch Mites (Itch Mites), and Chiggers. Scabies Mites is another name for rodent mites. The bird mite is another type of mite. Although mites may not be as quickly seen as spider kin, they are still valuable.


Acari is an arachnid that includes human-itching mites and hominins. It belongs to the Sarcoptidae tribe. The stratum Corneum, the outermost layer that mites can’t penetrate, is called the stratum Corneum. Most mites can be found in bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens.

What mite control methods are you able to offer?

Routine Syringes are a great way to control cultural mites. It protects natural predators.


Cultural Control offers quarantine and inspection. Infected plants and beds spread two-spotted spider mites. It would be best if you inspected the bottom of all new plants for mite activity. You may want to separate your new and existing plants until there aren’t mites.


Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand uses a 4-stage treatment program to create a healthy environment. Our pest control specialists will eliminate mites within 24 hours of receiving your call. In addition, we offer affordable mite treatments that won’t break the bank

How often should I spray mites?

Spraying spider mites every 5-7 days can eliminate them. Small plants can be treated with water. Spray larger plants from the sink or shower.


It is better to clean each leaf starting at the bottom. Remove any branches and crevices from stems or branches. Continue the therapy for several weeks to avoid getting eggs.


Large plants shouldn’t come into direct contact with water. Excessive moisture can also cause pests and other problems.

How do you control and stop mites?

Our professionals will inspect your house to determine the source of the mite infestation. However, it can be hard to spot mites in your home because they are small enough that magnification is unnecessary.


We will create a customized treatment plan to help you eliminate mites based on our findings. In addition, we will give you specific methods and a time frame to achieve your desired results.


We only use legal, effective, and safe pesticides that are safe for people and pets. You can use safe sprays to eliminate mites from your home and prevent them from causing health problems. However, one treatment is not sufficient to eliminate mite infestation. Instead, consider regular mite control services.

Which acaricide works best to control mites?

Many acaricides are available to control mites. These include organophosphorous compounds like Carbamates and Diazinon and chlorinated carbons like DDT. Flumethrin and permethrin are also readily available.


Acaricides can lead to respiratory problems and interfere with muscle development. Abamectin is an effective anti-acaricide. It is also effective against phytophagous mites. Tetranychidae Tarsonemidae mites can have LC90 values ranging between 0.02 and 0.24 GML-1. (Lasota & Dybas 1991).


We recommend that you check with your state and federal authorities to ensure safety. Follow all instructions and carefully read all labels.

Can mites bite?

Although most mites don’t bite, they can irritate the skin if left on the skin. Mild itching or skin irritations from mite bites do not warrant medical attention. However, you can get allergy injections or prescription medication to treat mite bites.


You might need to see a doctor to determine if there are mites in the burrows or a rash. You can then remove the mite from its burrow. You can remove the mites from their burrows with a small knife or an electric scraper.


They can also bite humans, as with the Liponyssoides Saguineus House Mouse Mite and Laelaps Echidna Spin Rat Mite. The house mouse mite is a parasite that loves mice’s blood. Unfortunately, they can also bite rats and humans. These problems can be avoided by Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand.