Effective Silverfish Pest Control New Zealand

Do you have scratches on your wallpaper or weird holes in your papers, books, and other documents? Have you seen alive or dead silverfish on your property and are looking for professional silverfish control in New Zealand?

Tom’s Pest Control would like to welcome you with the best solution. We are New Zealand’s one-stop-shop for all pest-related issues, including silverfish removal service.

Whether you have a residential or commercial property, we have the skills, equipment, and technology to give you modern silverfish treatment in New Zealand. Our pest control professionals are based in all of New Zealand’s major cities to provide you with prompt service.


Why Shouldn’t You Ignore Silverfish Infestation?

Many people believe that silverfish are safe because they do not bite or cause property damage. The truth is that silverfish is an insect that can devastate your property’s healthy environment with a variety of unfavourable impacts.

The following are the most prevalent problems caused by pests in a healthy environment:

  • Silverfish love dark, damp areas. It is a night-time pest that feeds on the wallpaper, books, paintings, leather clothes, and other objects.
  • The pest contaminates open food by running over it.
  • Silverfish can attract predators to the property. As a result, in addition to silverfish infestation, you may also have spider, cockroach, and scorpion infestations on your property.
  • Silverfish are commonly related to the lack of maintenance. It might use you for insights into your property’s hygiene issues.
  • Several studies have found that silverfish and their droppings can cause asthma symptoms in some persons.

Silverfish is a night-time pest that prefers wet and gloomy places. As a result, you might not observe any live silverfish to identify the pest infestation. However, the following indicators will alert you to a silverfish infestation on your property:

  • These pests moult during their lives, and their silvery scales can be found on your flooring and in strained parts of your property.
  • Silverfish eat clothing, fabric, art, wallpaper, and documents. If you detect irregular holes in these personal items, you should investigate further for silverfish infestation.
  • The pest can stain your cloth with yellowish stains. To check the presence of yellowish stains, inspect your drapes, clothes, and furnishings.
  • If you have any doubts regarding silverfish infestation, look for them in darker, intimate, and damp parts of your home, such as bathrooms, crawlspaces, basements, and closets.

When you notice clues of a silverfish infestation on your home, call Tom’s Pest Control. We have the knowledge to restore the healthy condition of your business or residential property, despite its size.



Our Silverfish Control Procedure in New Zealand

At Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand, we provide the most affordable silverfish control and removal services. We want to keep silverfish away from your family and pets. To give our clients very effective results, we employ a four-step approach.


Our skilled pest professionals will investigate every inch of your property, including the basement, crawlspace, rooftop, and more. We will determine the extent of pest infestation, the damage caused by the pest on your home, the pest’s hiding spots, and more.

The inspection will also help us in confirming the factors at your property that encouraged the pest to live there. We will provide you with a full inspection report that includes information on the amount of the infestation, images of the infestation and damage, recommended treatment measures, and more.


Silverfish Treatment Plan

We will inspect your property to determine what type of pest infestation you have. We will create a customised silverfish control plan based on our results. The plan will include information about the treatment process, timeframe, projected results, and after-care instructions for the residents.

It will also include information on continuing preventative methods to avoid further infestations. Before beginning the operation, we will revise the treatment plan and ensure that you are satisfied with the projected outcome.

The Extermination

Our pest control technicians will eliminate the elimination per the treatment plan. We frequently combine treatment methods to achieve the finest outcomes for your environment. The most often used treatment methods are repellents, fogging, aerosol sprays, insecticides, and traps.

We use only approved, safe products that meet New Zealand standards, regardless of the treatment process, to create a healthy environment for our clients.

Pest Treatment Plan

Certain things within your home may re-establish the pest after a while. Our pest control experts will teach you particular strategies to make your property less interesting to pests.

The general guidelines below might also help you reduce the chances of silverfish infestation on your property.

  • Store cereals, sugar, flour, and other dry food goods in sealed containers since they attract silverfish to your property.
  • Is there high humidity in certain places on your property? Examine any water sources, plumbing damage, and other issues. To prevent humidity, ensure appropriate ventilation and, if necessary, use a dehumidifier.
  • Remove any clutter from your property because the pest can easily hide among packed books and clothes.
  • Vacuum your property on a regular basis; remove garbage from the property and get rid of pests

Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

We use cutting-edge technology and strategies to eliminate pests from residential and commercial properties. Our experience, offerings, and professionalism set us apart from the competition. Our silverfish pest control in New Zealand beats our competition and allows us to meet our customers’ expectations.

  • Same-day or next day mites treatment.
  • Safe and eco-friendly mite removal procedure.
  • Obligation-free quotes.
  • Comprehensive services at reasonable prices.
  • Follow standard business ethics.
  • Custom treatment plan.
  • Licensed and professional technicians.


How can pest control professionals eradicate silverfish?

Spray residual pesticides around your home if you have silverfish problems. To keep silverfish at bay, spray a thin line around your home.


Intice Perimeter 10 can spray exterior walls to prevent silverfish ingress. A pest management specialist should handle this form of silverfish pest treatment.


Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand can assist you in developing a silverfish control strategy. First, we employ dehumidifiers in damp basements. Then, cover all dirt-crawling areas with plastic sheets to allow wet air to circulate.

Are silverfish dangerous for pets and people?

Silverfish aren’t infectious and won’t bite animals or humans. Therefore, they don’t transmit diseases. However, if they can get outside, they can transmit diseases or contaminate food.


Silverfish enjoy damp environments, so a bed would be a suitable alternative. On the other hand, your bed may be overly warm, and you may have black areas between the pillows and your mattress. This could signal that your bed is becoming a silverfish breeding ground.


They have the potential to cause mayhem in your home. Because they devour insects, they can also eat your stuff. Faeces can also cause stains. They are, however, innocuous and will not cause any ailments. Pets can eat silverfish. However, it is not recommended.

What are the signs of a silverfish infestation?

If silverfish are present, they can be found in water. These tiny, flexible, and slippery insects come in various colours, including brown, grey, and blue. These tiny, teardrop-shaped insects can move forwards and backwards like a fish swimming.


Small silverfish droppings are mistakenly considered household dust or other objects. This could indicate a problem.


Every living thing has skin problems—even silverfish. The outer shells indicate infestation. They are small and fragile. But even though they are small and fragile, you can still see the tiny gold particles of the silverfish. These yellow stains can also be found on clothing, books, papers, and cardboard boxes, among other things.

How can you keep silverfish from your business or home?

Silverfish infestations can be avoided with preventative actions. To begin, avoid conditions that support silverfish reproduction. This will allow them to retain their survival and love close at hand.


Silverfish require water, food, and a place to live. These are necessary for their survival. These are just a few strategies to keep silverfish out of your business and home.


All pantry items containing sugar or starch should be kept in tightly sealed containers. This will keep your pantry dry and will aid in the prevention of silverfish infestations.


  • Vacuum and sweep your home regularly. Silverfish will consume dust particles.
  • Garments should be dried often. It is preferable to dry clothing that is not frequently used.
  • Don’t throw away leftovers. These bugs may consume leftovers from your dinner party.
  • Keep silverfish and other insects away from the wall or floor cracks. This will prevent them from concealing themselves and producing.
What kind of damage may silverfish cause to the property?

Silverfish may wreak havoc on historical artefacts, paper records, and other paper documents. Silverfish can also cause harm to homes and buildings. This may not be an issue if museums are empty. Silverfish are easier to manage if they are not cared for.


Silverfish prefer sweet and starchy diets and will consume nearly any household product. Insects can get sugar or starch from wallpaper and books.


Protein-rich meals such as grains and dried meat are favourites of these insects. Sugar and carbohydrates are the favourites of these insects. Cereals and grains are the top choices of these insects.