Pest Control in Hamilton

Tom’s Pest Control offers a pre-purchase pest inspection if you are looking to invest in commercial or residential property in Hamilton. It can save your hundreds of dollars in future pest repairs, and increase the quality of life. Whether you are purchasing a new or existing property in New Zealand, our Hamilton pest specialist can provide comprehensive pest control services to remove all types of pests.

We have all the knowledge and expertise needed to provide professional pest control treatments at an affordable price for your Hamilton properties. We offer same-day and emergency pest treatment services for immediate pest control.

We use industry-approved procedures and techniques to provide you with a clean and hygienic atmosphere while protecting the safety of your family and employees. In recent years, we have served countless homes and businesses to eliminate various pests. Because of our experience in the industry, we are able to comprehend our clients’ specific needs.

    Professional Pest Control Services

    Tom’s Pest Control has a solution for your pest control needs. Whatever pest problem you have, our professionals will take care of it quickly. Under one roof, you will be able to acquire the best pest control treatments for all types of pests. Each treatment is performed with utmost integrity, excellence, and professionalism. We adhere to industry best practices.

    Termite Pest Control Hamilton

    Termites are highly destructive to a property because of the structural damage they cause. Termites attack wooden structures, furniture, and other wood products. Ignoring the indicators of a termite infestation can result in huge financial property damage.

    Our Hamilton pest control experts specialise in full termite inspections at your house or business. To produce the most efficient removal treatment, our professionals analyse a number of methodologies. We also work to prevent them from entering and exiting your property. We offer the most effective treatments to keep future infestations at bay.

    Sparrows Control

    Bird Control

    Several pest birds have been reported in Hamilton and its suburbs, causing property damage, spreading exotic infections, harming property hygiene, and disrupting residents’ happy lives. If you see pigeons, seagulls, doves, Indian mynas, house sparrows, or any other pest birds on your property, it’s time to contact us for a bird control service.

    We exclusively utilise compassionate ways to remove the birds from your property and release them at a distance that prevents them from returning. We may install bird spikes and netting to prevent future infestations, repair various property gaps, and provide particular property maintenance suggestions based on the pest bird’s difficulties in your area.

    Rodent Control

    Rodents present a threat to peaceful human life. Whether you see rats or mice on your property, they can spread diseases, contaminate your food, and cause substantial property damage. They can further disrupt your peace of mind by making creepy noises and harming your pets.

    Our rodent inspection will discover the root causes of your pest infestation. We will create a customised rodent control strategy based on the inspection and carry out the extermination. We will also do necessary repairs, complete continuing management, and recommend property hygiene measures for long-term outcomes.

    Rodent Control

    Mosquito Control

    Mosquitoes are annoying and can also carry diseases, making it essential to control their population. Tom’s Pest Control are experts in mosquito control services. Our licensed technicians use safe and effective methods to eliminate mosquitoes at all life cycle stages.

    We understand the importance of your health and safety, so we use environmentally friendly, harmless methods only. In addition, our satisfaction guarantee backs our mosquito control Hamilton services, so you can trust us to do the job well.

    Rat Control

    Rat infestation is a common issue that many homes and businesses face. No matter how many prevention methods you adopt, there are chances of these annoying pests entering your property and creating a nuisance. Even if you have spotted just one rat in your property, it is advisable to connect with our pest control experts for professional services as the chances of many more hiding in your premises are high. Our team will get to your property, inspect it, and carry out the extermination procedure carefully.

    While we believe in eradicating rats from your property, we do not adopt harsh methods that may harm you or your property.


    Fox Control

    Foxes pose a major threat to New Zealand’s people, natural species, domesticated animals, and agricultural land. They are responsible for causing economic harm to farms as well as animal losses.

    Have you noticed a lot of foxes on your Hamilton property recently, making you worried about the safety of your pets and farm animals? Contact Tom’s Pest Control for comprehensive fox control services in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Our Hamilton fox removal services ensure that your properties, crops, pets, family, and office staff are entirely safe from these pests.

    Ant Control

    Ants are regular pests that can be found on and around your property. Some ant species are poisonous, causing allergic reactions, burning sensations, and so on. In addition, an ant infestation on the property shows a total lack of sanitation and maintenance.

    Call Tom’s Pest Control right away if you see ant colonies on your property. Our ant control service will fully eliminate them. We will also destroy their entry sites, preventing further invasion.


    Moth Extermination

    One of the most common causes of damage to clothing, paper, and other things is moth infestation. These bugs can also cause asthma symptoms in people with allergies. Moths trigger sleep disruption due to their creepy sounds. If you notice holes in your clothes or other objects, this could result from a moth infestation.

    We will inspect your property for symptoms of infestation and prepare a customised treatment strategy. Our moth control solution will guide you in eliminating moths from your property. We will also help you with continuing prevention so that you can enjoy a healthy atmosphere for many years.

    End of Lease Treatment for Hamilton Residents and Businesses

    If you’re a tenant planning to move out soon from your rental property, it is a good idea to consider bond pest control treatment.

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer comprehensive and effective end-of-lease pest control services to ensure your rental property is in the best position to be returned to its owner. Whether you require end-of-lease flea treatment or termite treatment, you can count on us for affordable and reliable services.

    Specific Pest Control Services Offered By Us

    We also provide qualified professional pest services to assist our customers in dealing with any pest type that is not mentioned in essential pest control. Among our unique pest management services are:

    • Termite control
    • Wasp treatment and control
    • Rodent control
    • Possum removal
    • Bird control
    • Fox trapping

    To provide high-quality pest management services, all of our pest professionals are TAFE and APCA-certified.

    Furthermore, because we only employ New Zealand-approved pest treatment solutions, our procedures are safe and family-friendly. Due to pest concerns on your site, we are likely to adopt natural pest control approaches.

    Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

    Tom’s Pest Control in Hamilton is well-known for its effective pest control techniques and extensive knowledge. All due to our pest control professionals and how they complete each task. We have a disciplined approach that sets us apart from our competitors.

    • Certified and well-trained technicians.
    • Individualised pest control treatment.
    • Same-day and emergency pest control.
    • A free and speedy quote.
    • Reasonably priced services.
    • Cutting-edge technology and procedures.
    • Outstanding outcomes.
    • Safe for children and pets.

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