Possum Removal Service New Zealand

Do you have possums on your property, and are they causing damage? Are you looking for professional possum removal in New Zealand and its number of cities to secure your property?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control at New Zealand’s trusted partner for comprehensive possum control for homes and businesses. We are a team of skilled and experienced possum specialists and possum catchers in New Zealand who will analyse the qualities of the nuisance animal and ensure its safe and stress-free removal.

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Why Should You Remove Possum From Your Property?

If not removed properly, Possums can threaten the health of your property and inflict a lot of harm. These pests will cause the following problems on your property:

  • Possums produce a massive amount of waste, mainly droppings, which can damage your environment and contain a variety of infections. The pests carry diseases such as TB.

  • Possums are good climbers, frequently inflicting damage to roof shingles, tiles, gutters, and other infrastructure.

  • Possums may get entry to your property and cause damage to the inner surface. They eat human and pet food, chew walls and floors, leave food leftovers and droppings, and so on.

  • These pest animals are erratic and can eat through your plumbing, insulation, and air ducts.

Possums remain intact in their natural environments. If pests choose to live in a home, they will not leave independently. They disrupt the peaceful lives of the residents of the properties by making scratching noises, generating various forms of trash, and causing clutters.

If you notice any dead possum on your property, you can contact us for quick possum removal in New Zealand.

Possums are mainly nocturnal that prefer to avoid human eyesight. As a result, you may not be able to see the pest on your property to confirm the infestation. You can identify the presence of a pest in your home by looking for the following signs:

  • Outside property damage includes damaged siding, broken gutters, broken soffit, torn up shingles, and more.
  • Disappearing pet food and product spills on the floor.
  • Possums are highly attracted to cat food. If you notice the cat food disappearing on a frequent basis, you can confirm the presence of the pest.
  • As previously said, you may hear some loud scratching noises. You can also prove possum infestation if you notice scratches on the floors and walls in more expansive areas.
  • Possums make a variety of vocalisations, including screaming and spitting. To alert their babies, mother possums make lip-smacking and clicking sounds.
  • If you notice a very terrible smell, you should suspect the presence of possums because the pest frequently defecates, putting the property’s healthy environment at risk.

Possums are dangerous and can cause extensive damage to residential and commercial properties, although they cannot be trapped or killed. Killing the possums is forbidden in New Zealand, and the species can only be trapped and removed by qualified pest specialists who have the proper wildlife license.

We have a team of possum removal specialists at Tom’s Pest Control that are licenced and skilled in providing emergency possum control services.


Our Possum Removal Process in New Zealand

Tom’s Pest Control in New Zealand has a comprehensive – four-stage – possum removal process to secure your property from damage due to infestation.

Pest Control Inspection

We begin the possum control service by fully examining your property for the pest and any other damage. Our possum inspectors will inspect every square inch of your property, identify the possum species, validate the pest’s behavioural aspects, and assess the amount of the damage.

We will also detect and validate the factors on your property that attracted the pest to settle there.


Possum Removal Plan

We will construct a possum control strategy based on the inspection findings. It will include the method of removal, the removal schedule, the site where the pest will be freed, and any specific instructions for the residents.

For a transparent service experience, we will update you on the best possum removal treatment approach before beginning the process.

The Possum Removal New Zealand

Our pest professionals will carry out the possum removal according to the strategy. We will catch the creature using customised nest boxes and possum traps that will not harm them in any way. Our licenced possum experts will release the animal as per the New Zealand Department of Environment and Water’s guidelines.

Tom’s Pest Control strictly adheres to the animal welfare act for trapping and releasing pest animals. We make sure that the entire process will be safe and hassle-free. To reduce future infestation dangers, our professionals will secure numerous pest access routes to your property.

Pest Treatment Plan

Ongoing Possum Removal Service New Zealand

According to our inspection results, we may recommend property repairs and architectural changes to make your property less appealing to possums. Furthermore, we may offer you unique advice and techniques to stop possums from becoming attracted to your house. The following are some general guidelines that can be applied to any property:

  • Keep food items and pet meals out of the reach of possums.
  • Remove junk from your property daily and make sure there is no hiding place for possums.
  • Trim trees and shrubs near your property since these enable possums to reach your property and roof effortlessly.
  • Inspect your property regularly to identify and correct any openings or damage that may provide pests with easy access to your property.

Why Hire Tom’s Pest Control For Possum Removal?

We provide the best possum removal in New Zealand for businesses and homeowners by implementing the following features:

  • Possum removal technicians are DELWP-licensed experienced, and insured.
  • Same-day, next-day and emergency possum removal services.
  • Trustworthy, stress-free services.
  • Comprehensive pricing and upfront quotes.
  • Possum trapping service teams in your area.
  • A pleasant, seamless service experience.
  • A promise of complete satisfaction.

Do you have any questions or require expert advice on possum removal? Find pest control in your area and contact Tom’s Pest Control immediately to let our professionals know what you need. 

We are dedicated to providing a transparent service experience, and you will receive an obligation-free price for your possum control needs before deciding to use our services.


Is it possible for the possum to be brought along?

Possums can spread disease to you and your family. Possums can cause basement damage and infect humans. Possums can also cause structural damage to your house. They can be hard to control, so regulations were made to protect them. It is illegal to kill or harm them.


Experts are the best choice for possum control. Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand will quickly and efficiently eliminate possums. We can also use humane traps to capture the possums in your garden.


Our crew can take them to another location once they are captured. Get in touch with our friendly team for more information. They are happy to assist with any problem regarding possum removal.

What is the difference between a Rat and a Possum?

Both rats and possums have short, hairless tails. Although possums can be diurnal and nocturnal, they are more likely to be nocturnal than rats. Possums are herbivores or omnivores. There are always omnivorous types of rats.


There are many kinds of rats. Oceania is not home to possums. The claws of possums are blunter than those of rats. Rats see in the opposite direction to possums. Possums can only see in one direction. Rats have flatter faces than possums. Their faces are rounder, flatter, and slimmer.


Rats can adapt to any environment and live wherever there is shelter from nature. Semi-arboreal Possums love trees and are attracted to them because of their love. However, this is not always true. They are often found in wooded areas.

What can I do for my plants to be protected from possums?

The numbers of this large and hairy animal have increased dramatically over the past ten years. Because they are more spacious, they feel happier in their home. In addition, they can reach plants up three stories high because they are agile and dexterous.


There are many traditional methods to keep possums away from your garden. In addition, you have many options for protecting your plants: hanging CDs, lights and hanging bones. Unfortunately, none of these options has any noticeable or reliable results.


There are two main ways to keep possums from your plants. The first is to build physical barriers. Deterrent sprays are the second option. Local regulations govern the trapping and relocation of possums. There are two options: either ask for our assistance or hire us.

Is your roof and ceiling susceptible to possum damage?

Yes. Rats and possums can chew roof wires. It is worth replacing the insulation if they build nests on your roof. Damage could be caused by repeated urination. If you urinate frequently, the ceiling could be damaged.


If a possum invades your home, there are many options. You can use scent- and taste repellents to deter them. You can also make your ingredients, like Tabasco sauce. However, results can vary.


To do the job, hire possum experts. Call an expert to take the animals out. It might be worth looking into how to keep neighbouring possums away from your home.

What should I do if a possum climbs on my roof at night and starts bothering me?

Night-active Possums are active at night. They might be heard moving on your roof at night. You might hear them coughing or hissing.


Before removing pests from your roof, you must get all the necessary permissions. These documents can be obtained from your pest controller. There are several ways to keep possums from your roof.


Possums are not always cute and can cause roof damage. Let’s say they have entered your home. You should contact Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand professionals if they have already entered your home.

Is it more common for possums to attack children than they are adults? Why?

Possums aren’t known to be aggressive. However, some pet owners have reported that their pets are aggressive towards possums, despite them being gentle and docile. This is because possums are wild animals that cannot be controlled.


Possum bites are more common in children than in adults. It is better to prevent them than to try to save them. Children must first learn to avoid wild animals, possums, and predators.


Our staff is equipped to eliminate pests from your house. We may also offer ongoing pest management to help reduce the likelihood of pest problems returning.

How do possums build their nests in wall cavities?

Possums prefer to sleep in wall cavities during the day because they are warmer and darker than roof cavities. You can also hear rats crawling on floors and walls. Research shows that 87% of visits to rats’ nests occurred on floors or walls. Only 45% occurred in roof cavities.


Strange creatures have been seen crawling on the ceiling making human friends suspicious. According to research in New Zealand, 67% of people reported seeing possums crawling onto their roof cavities. 58% of those who were bitten also reported seeing possums.


Pest control must be completed at all entry points. Possums love to crawl under your roof and can cause serious damage.

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How long does it take to get rid of possums in your home?

The severity of the infestation will determine how long it takes for them to be eradicated. Unfortunately, possum infestations can lead to more problems than you realize. Here are some ways possums can damage your health and cause financial problems.


Possum droppings may contain germs that could cause flesh-eating sores. So let’s say they get into your home. They can cause damage to insulation or ducting, or they could pose a risk to your home.


The strategy to eliminate possums starts with a thorough assessment of the situation. Next, we need to identify entry points. This will allow us to choose the most efficient route. Contact our experts for more information.


What is the cost of possum removal?

The cost to control possums will depend on the condition of your property. Therefore, it is important to determine the extent and severity of the damage, as well as the geographical location and size of the infestation. In addition, it is important to estimate the labour required to eliminate them.


Prices for possum removal vary from $150 to $500. In addition, these companies charge $150 for dead Possums. To catch Possums, live traps are used. To set up and manage bait traps, you need to be knowledgeable. If they feel threatened, possums will bite.


Even though they will not be allowed into your home, it is worth checking your chimney for signs. Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand is recommended if you see any signs of possums.

Are the Possums being cruelly abused?

The 1975 Wildlife Act protects possums. Transporting possums who are not well-behaved or healthy is illegal. You can handle them in other ways. Victorians dealt with possums that lived on their land. Our neighbourhoods have woods that resemble their natural habitat.


Possums can eat flowers and are not considered a nuisance. They can live with humans. They are not able to interfere with the lives of humans. Common brushtail possums can be managed well if kept in parks or other structures.


Common brushtail Possums can be captured, released, or taken to licensed veterinarians for rest.