Spider Control Services

Spiders tend to invade homes for warm places to spend their winters comfortably. Although most spider species are harmless, their presence in homes and offices can make people uncomfortable. In addition, these pests create a nuisance on your property by spinning webs in various corners. Also, some spider species are venomous, which means if they enter your homes and bite you, they may cause serious problems.

Tom’s Pest Control realises the significance of secure and efficient pest elimination and provides extensive, cost-effective spider removal services. Our trained experts execute spider removal procedures with proficiency, ensuring no harm or inconvenience is caused to you or your loved ones.

Types Of Spiders

The redback spider is a part of the black widow family and has red markings on its upper abdomen. They are usually seen around people and homes and like to live in areas like sheds and garages. Therefore, you must be cautious if you live where these spiders are frequent. Removing their webs and hiding spots is advisable to discourage them from entering your homes.

Redback Spider

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White-tailed spiders can be identified by the white marks on the tips of their tails. They can be 12 to 20 mm long and have a colour ranging from reddish to grey. These spiders are recognised for their roaming behaviour and are frequently seen in houses and buildings, especially during warmer times. They consume other spiders and insects and have venom that can be deadly to their prey.

White-Tail Spider

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Wolf spiders are a vast family of spiders that exist worldwide. They're called wolf spiders as they hunt their prey down instead of trapping them in webs. These spiders have a shade of brown or grey and vary in size. You can commonly find wolf spiders in different locations, such as forests, fields, and deserts. They may also appear in homes and buildings, but they aren't harmful to humans and don't usually attack.

Wolf Spider

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Mouse spiders are primarily black and can range from 10 to 35 mm. They reside in different locations, like forests and semi-arid shrublands, where they dig tunnels for protection. Although not aggressive, their bites can cause minor to moderate symptoms.

Mouse Spiders

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Black house spiders are dark-coloured and prefer creating webs around homes and buildings. They are usually 10 to 18 mm in size and are not harmful to people, but their bites can result in mild reactions such as pain and swelling. These spiders primarily consume creatures like beetles, moths, and termites.

Black House Spider

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Trapdoor spiders are a group of spiders that are generally not aggressive and can be found in many areas worldwide. They're named after their habit of building underground tunnels with a hinged trapdoor to shield themselves. These brown or black spiders can vary in size from being as tiny as a thumb to as large as a fist.

Trapdoor Spider

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Huntsman spiders are a group of venomous spiders that are usually significant in size and found in many regions worldwide. They get their name from their hunting behaviour and remarkable speed and agility. Typically, these brown or grey spiders measure around 2.2 to 2.8 cm. Huntsman spiders are adept climbers, capable of climbing smooth surfaces like walls and windows. They can frequently be found in homes and buildings.

Huntsman Spider

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Garden orb weaving spiders make big, round webs in gardens, forests, and other natural places. They are generally grey or reddish-brown and measure 20 to 30 mm. These spiders consume insects and other small prey. If their webs are not cleared away regularly, they may become large and unattractive.

Garden Orb Weaving Spider

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Katipo Spider

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Long-Legged Cellar Spider

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Looking For Spider Removal Services – We Can Help

At Tom’s Pest Control, we specialise in removing spiders from your property. Our team uses advanced techniques and methods to eliminate spiders completely. We start the process with a comprehensive inspection of your property to identify all the hiding spots of spiders and the level of infestation. Then, based on our findings, we create a personalised treatment plan for your home or business.

If your property is infested with too many spiders, please get in touch with us.