Ant Pest Control Services New Zealand

Ants may enter your home in search of food and water. If they find a food source, they may begin to build colonies in various corners of your home, thus attracting more ants inside. Whether your kitchen has meat leftovers in the sink or drops of oil or fat on the floor, the ants will come to it quickly. This is why it is essential to maintain cleanliness to discourage ants from entering your home.

Ants are found in almost all properties, and many people choose to ignore their presence. However, it is essential to know that ants can spread diseases and pose a risk to your health. Moreover, some ant species’ stings are dangerous. Such ants can enter residential areas, hospitals, restaurants and any space where there is sustenance.

Call us if you see too many ants in your commercial or residential property. Our pest control experts will come to your location as soon as possible, inspect the infestation level, and offer a suitable solution.


Professional Ant Removal Services New Zealand

Many property owners don’t need to hire a pest control expert when they see ants walking in their homes or offices. Instead, they believe they can handle ant extermination by using store-bought ant removal products. However, they are unaware that such products may not work well in removing ants permanently. Though these solutions may kill the ants, for the time being, more ants may get attracted to the same site, thus solving your problem for a short period only.

When you hire professionals like us to take care of ant removal, we ensure to provide permanent solutions. Our products don’t just kill the ants in a particular area but also prevent them from coming back again. Also, our experts check for corners of your property to spot the hiding ants and kill them. So whether you are looking at black garden ant control treatment or removal of carpenter ants, you can trust us with all your pest control requirements.

Why You Need To Act Quick?

An ant infestation can go out of control suddenly. Hence, we recommend that our clients contact us immediately after seeing a few ants moving within their property. Remember that ants may comfortably live in cracks, behind walls or just about any small space on your property. Therefore, when you call out to us for help, we send our team to your property as soon as possible. Once there, we will examine every corner of your house and also check for the areas from where the ants are entering your home. Once you know where these pests are getting into your home, you can make arrangements to block these entry points. 

 It is best not to neglect the ant infestation issue at your property because – 

  • Some ant species bites can be painful, especially to kids.
  • Some ants may contaminate the food, making it unfit for consumption.
  • Some species of ants can cause severe damage to your home by attacking wooden furniture, clothes, and personal belongings.

What Makes Us Different?

We know how important it is to you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your home, and with pests around, this might be a difficult job. When we undertake the responsibility of removing pests from your property, we ensure to give our 100%. We aim to remove all types of ants from your property and make arrangements to prevent them from entering your home again.

We use safe and effective pest control products for all pest control jobs. We examine each site well to find where ants must be hiding and then carry out the required procedure in every corner of your home or office.

Depending on the severity of the problem, we may use chemical barriers around your property. These chemicals will work effectively in removing pests from your property, but at the same time, they will be safe for you and those around you.

What Steps We Carry Out To Control Ant Infestation Issue?


Our team of experts will come to your property to check the infestation level. We will check for the type of ant species in your home, their areas, the entry points, and nest locations during the examination. This step is essential because, based on this, we will come up with a treatment plan. The plan for every home will be different as it will depend on the ant species living inside. For example, carpenter ants may need to be handled differently than fire ants.


Treatment Plan

Once we have checked your property thoroughly, we will design a customised treatment plan for your property. The treatment plan will include all details about the procedure, timeline, the products to be used, etc.


The extermination will be carried out based on what’s mentioned in the plan. Based on the infestation, we will use ant fumigation methods or sprays, insecticides, or gels. The treatment procedure that will work best for you will be implemented.

Pest Treatment Plan

Prevention Tips

We will do our best to give you satisfactory results. However, one-time treatment won’t assure 100% results. You may have to adopt some preventive measures to prevent ants from coming into your home again. We will share all the information with you, so you can follow them and keep your home ant-free.



What's the difference between termites and white ants?

They are almost identical. Sometimes they are called white bugs due to misinformation. Professional treatment is possible to make termites disappear. Termites can be kept out of your home by using a solid barrier. Termites can cause severe architectural damage. An insurer will not pay for termite damage if there is no evidence that the job was done.


General ants are not only annoying but can also cause serious damage to your home. Certain pests may require special spraying techniques.


At Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand, we value comfort. Our customers receive the most trusted and reliable treatment options. We offer a free estimate for any ant problem.

What are your methods of controlling ants?

To effectively control ant infestations, you can use lure terminals. Place them anywhere you find ants. You can try many brands until you find the one you like.


There are many methods to eliminate ants. There are many ways to get rid of ants. While many methods work, some are more effective than others. However, they all have the same goal: to eliminate ants from your home.


Baiting is the act that lures insects to catch. The poison will kill them once they have eaten the bait. By coming to your house, we will make a chemical fog. The chemical fog will penetrate any spaces or holes to exterminate the pests.

How much does it cost to treat ants?

It is essential to have a home. Pests must be controlled. Make sure they are gone before potential buyers visit your home.


Anti-ant strategies don’t have to be costly. An inspection is easy to organize. Expert services like catching and throwing them into the water may be available.


You can be certain that the bugs will not return after you have removed them. It could cost you between 150 and 200 Australian Dollars per month, depending on how often they happen.

What can I do about the ants on my lawn?

It is well-known that ants can come back to your home anytime, no matter how hard you try. To avoid repeat problems, we recommend that customers seek professional advice. All solutions come with a 6-month warranty.


These parasites can cause serious damage to your home and cause inconvenience. These parasites can also infect your food and kitchen. These parasites can also infect food and the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to seek professional help as soon as possible.


Our pest control experts have a wealth of knowledge and can help you create a plan that works.

What is the average time it takes to exterminate all the ants?

Ant infestations can be quite common, so it is crucial that you eliminate them as soon as possible. An ant infestation can be eradicated in days if you are persistent. There are both internal and external treatments. They should be avoided in future.


Because ants are friendly, pesticides and baits can effectively kill them. They will eat the bait and then return to their nest. This could result in their death. Inspecting your insect catches regularly and replacing them as needed is crucial. They are simple to use and don’t get messy.


It might take some time to eliminate ants from your home. An expert can help you get rid of ants in your home. Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand is trusted for its extensive experience. After we have finished, we will treat your home for any remaining ants.

How do I get rid of Argentine Carpenter Ants and Egyptian Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, Egyptian Carpenter Ants, and Egyptian Carpenter Ants?

A swarm of Argentine ants could infest multiple houses. It would be best if you were alert for signs of re-infestation from neighbours. Treating nesting areas like sidewalk cracks, gaps, and lumber piles is smart. Sealing cracks or holes that could allow outside ants into these areas is smart.


It is important to find and remove the woodworker honey beetle nest. If the nest isn’t removed, the mom and dad might create another nest. Tom’s Pest Control New Zealand will investigate any problem with carpenter mites.


You can treat them with fire ants or baits. To reduce their numbers, it is best to treat them regularly. Pharaoh Ants can be difficult to manage due to their adaptability to different environments. Once it has become empty, you should remove it from the nest.

Is pesticide effectiveness against ants comparable to current practices?

Many insects can be killed with a simple pest spray. An example of a household pet is the ant. To eliminate house bugs, a basic pest control spray should always be applied to the perimeter of your home once every three to 4 months.


This is a great way of protecting your home from pests, but it is not recommended for serious problems. Pesticides are more effective than old leaves or water in controlling them. This natural chemical can also control pest problems such as aphids and caterpillars.


Garlic spray can also be made at home using water and mineral oils. It works against many insects. A basic spray can be made with fluid paraffin.

What should you do if it rains after an anti-ant treatment?

It doesn’t matter if it rains after an anti-ant treatment. Termidor is an antiblack ant medication. You can see rain after completing the Termidor treatment (10-20 minutes).


Termidor, an active bonding agent, repels rainwater. It also prevents it from being destroyed.


A 6-month guarantee covers Termidor Ant Treatments. All questions are welcome. All questions are welcome.

How do I stop ants from entering my property or home?

Leave no damp deposit. In summer, ants look for water sources to keep warm and dry. Therefore, it is important to fix leaking taps and pipes and be aware of damp areas, such as under the sink and in the bathroom.


It is important to organize your home regularly. Ants, for example, will often venture out to find food. They seek food, crumbs, drips, and other fluids. Then, they may return the mound to you and invade your home at sunset.


This can be avoided by using a clean, waterproof container. To disperse their stench, you can use Eucalyptus or peppermint to dissuade them.

What can you do if you have large-headed ants in the yard?

Large-headed ants may have many or few employees. Employers of less importance have twice the employees. They can be smaller or more varied. The average length for significant employees is 4mm The Big Headed Ant, a brown-coloured, red-brownish-brownish ant, is the most common.


You have now found the nesting areas of giant-headed giant ants. To sink them, you can use Cypermethrin products like Devil WP or Cyper WP. If they are not present, you can use ant baits like Maxforce Full Granules, and Exquisite Fluid Ants Lures in ant lure terminals.


As soon as possible, get rid of all nests and passageways that may be present in your grass. Contact our pest control specialists if you suspect that large-headed insects may be present.