General Pest Control in New Zealand

Are you fed up with pest problems at your home or business? Are you not satisfied with DIY solutions? Are you searching for professionals to eliminate pests permanently? If yes, you are at the right place. At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer comprehensive general pest control services covering all major areas of New Zealand.

We aim to improve the overall environment in and around your residential and commercial property. We have a team of certified and well-trained technicians who have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of general pest problems in New Zealand. They can handle all pest issues effectively and keep your property safe from future invasion threats.

Our experts will visit your property for a thorough inspection and perform the most suitable pest control treatment after your approval. We cover each area of your property and deliver long-lasting results.


Why Is General Pest Control Required?

Some properties get infested with multiple pests at a time. Here, you need more than one pest control treatment to get rid of all these nasty pests in one go. The experts always recommend choosing general pest control to destroy different pests simultaneously. It is so because many pests attract other pests in or around your home or business. Thus, you have to face different types of pest issues, and sometimes the situation becomes worse if left untreated for a long time.

Another reason for multiple pest issues at your property is unclean and unhygienic space, which further attracts various pests.

Our technicians create a treatment plan for general pest control by considering all aspects and our client’s requirements. We use multiple methods in one go to eliminate multiple types of pests permanently. Whatever pest issue, we ensure to provide solutions for all of them. At Tom’s Pest Control, you can assure to get a pest-free property with one solution at a reasonable price.

We are committed to delivering general pest control service on time. We also ensure no or minimal inconvenience to your family and pets.

What Does Our General Pest Control Services Cover?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we provide pest control treatment for all pest issues. We address all types of pest infestations that are common in homes and commercial spaces. When you choose us, you can expect an effective pest control and prevention treatment for these pest problems:

We start each pest control job with an inspection of your property. Our technicians consider all factors and create a customised treatment plan covering the issues related to all pests at your property. We specialise in tackling all kinds of nasty pests and their varied species. We have years of experience in controlling and exterminating these unwanted guests in New Zealand.

Our Pest Control Procedure

At Tom’s Pest Control, we believe in delivering the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to our clients. Our four-stage procedure keeps everything smooth and easier. We also help our clients prevent your home or business from future infestation risks. Additionally, we use the safest and most effective methods to maintain a healthy environment in and around your property.


We will visit your property at a specified time for an inspection. During the inspection, we cover each area to find the hidden spots of pests on your property. We also identify all types of pests that have infested your property and their particular species. We also find the root cause of the pest infestation and the level of damage caused by them.

Our technicians also work on finding the possible reasons that have attracted these pests to your home. After collecting all information, we will share our inspection report with you.


Treatment Plan

After the inspection, we will provide you with the treatment that best fits your pest control needs and budget. Our created treatment plan will include all methods and techniques to eliminate pests in no time. It will also include the expected results, treatment timeline, and other important details.

Sometimes, your property needs more than one treatment session, especially in a complex pest invasion. We will provide more than one session of the general pest control treatment. Our technicians will give you an update at each step.

The Extermination

Once we are done with a treatment plan, we will carry out the pest extermination process. Since your property is infested with multiple pest infestations, it may require several treatments for a long-lasting outcome.

We will keep in mind all aspects and will execute the treatment safely and effectively. Our technicians are experts in using advanced and top-quality equipment for pest extermination. We use safe, eco-friendly, and approved products to give you an excellent service experience.

Pest Treatment Plan

Ongoing Prevention

Always keep in mind that the pest removal process is not always effective for a long time. You need to work on other steps to prevent your property from recurrence of pest issues. Our technicians will assist you with the ongoing prevention tips that you should follow.

  • Make sure to keep your property clean.
  • Make a habit of removing clutter and debris on a regular basis.
  • Always store human and pet food in containers and tightly cover them with a lid.
  • Make sure to cover your garbage bin with a lid and remove the garbage regularly.
  • Don’t forget regular pest inspection as it will identify pest issues at an early stage.