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What exactly are Garden Orb Weaving Spiders?

Garden Orb Weaving Spiders are a group of arachnids known for their intricate, wheel-shaped webs commonly found in gardens and other outdoor spaces. These spiders exhibit a variety of colours, patterns, and sizes, making them a diverse and fascinating species.

They play an essential role in controlling insect populations by capturing and consuming various pests, such as flies and mosquitoes. Garden Orb Weaving Spiders are generally harmless to humans, preferring to avoid contact and focusing on their primary task of creating their signature webs and catching prey.

The group of arachnids known as garden orb weaving spiders never fail to capture people’s attention. These spiders, which come in over a hundred species and exhibit various sizes, forms, and colours, are true works of nature. In addition, several species are noteworthy because they are exclusive to specific coastal areas of New Zealand.
The versatility of garden orb weaving spiders is one of their most impressive characteristics. Despite their delicate and exquisite look, these spiders are noted for their adaptability to changing environments. Their ability to adapt to their surroundings and develop novel live methods makes them intriguing research subjects.

Identifying Garden Orb Weaving Spiders

Identifying garden orb weaving spiders can be an intriguing task due to their diverse appearances and unique web-building abilities. One key characteristic is their distinctive, circular webs, which often feature a spiral pattern and are found in gardens, bushes, or between structures. These spiders exhibit a wide range of colours and patterns, with some having bright markings while others blend in with their surroundings.

Their body shape is another identifying feature, as they typically possess a rounded abdomen and relatively large size compared to other spider species. Observing their behavior, such as their nocturnal activity and tendency to rebuild their webs daily, can also aid in identifying garden orb weaving spiders.

Garden orb weaving spiders are fascinating creatures that can be found in a variety of outdoor spaces throughout New Zealand. These spiders are highly adaptable and can thrive in various environments, from gardens to forests to urban areas.
Interestingly, the most common garden orb weaving spider species are Eriophora biapicata and E. transmarina, found predominantly in the eastern and southern parts of the country. These spiders are known for their distinctive orb-shaped webs, which they use to catch their prey.

The magnificent webs made by these arachnids, which are frequently fashioned like wheels and appear to float in the air, are widely recognised for them. As they can readily trap flying insects there, the spiders often build their webs in openings between trees and shrubs.

If you see a garden orb spider during the day, you will most likely see it hanging upside down in the middle of its web, waiting for prey. These spiders have incredible catching abilities and can take down prey much larger than themselves.

When it comes to identifying a garden orb-weaving spider, there are certain features you can look for:

  • Look for distinctive, circular webs with spiral patterns
  • Observe a variety of colours and patterns on their bodies
  • Note the rounded abdomen and relatively large size
  • Watch for nocturnal activity and daily web rebuilding
  • Check common habitats such as gardens, bushes, or between structures

What Is Their Method of Catching Food?

  • First, they create webs between plants and trees.
  • Their impressive web-building skills trap unsuspecting insects.
  • Spiders sense entangled prey through vibrations and quickly act.
  • They cover and bite prey before devouring it.
  • Spiders let go of larger prey to avoid breaking their web.
  • This demonstrates their adaptability and resourcefulness.

How Dangerous Are Garden Orb Weaving Spiders to Humans?

Garden orb weaving spiders rarely attack humans but may bite if threatened. The bitten area may become painful, numb, or swollen if they bite you. After a while, these symptoms typically disappear on their own. However, occasionally a bite can make you feel ill or lightheaded, causing a trip to the doctor.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are orb weaver spiders good to have around?

Orb weaver spiders won’t harm you or your pets. They are not aggressive and tend to run away or drop off their web when they feel threatened. These spiders are good to have around because they eat many pesky insects.

What is the lifespan of an orb weaver spider?

Garden Orb Weaver, spiders of the female gender, have a lifespan of around one year. They deposit their eggs in a soft, silk-like cocoon attached to plant leaves from late summer to autumn.

Where did the orb weaver spider come from?

Meet Mesozygiella dunlopi, the oldest known orb weaver discovered in 2006 from fossils in Álava, Spain. This spider date back to the Early Cretaceous Epoch, estimated to have lived around 145.5 million to 99.6 million years ago.