What are the Necessities for Effective Termite Treatment?


Termites are among the most stubborn pests that feed on wood and, occasionally, wires. So, eliminating their presence is always an essential need. They can cause significant property damage that requires costly repairs other than actual house fires. The termites are hence usually removed with professional pest control services. 

Commonly, the DIY solutions on the market can’t get rid of termites from your home. Hence, experts recommended obtaining termite control solutions from certified exterminators. 

 Four Steps To Take Before Your First Termite Treatment! 

 Obtaining a professional termite treatment is pretty simple if certain things are done before the team arrives. Also, when making these arrangements, adhere to all safety guidelines. 

  • Prepare a Note of Termite Infestation 

Begin by noting the locations where termites were found. Next, please take note of any places where you believe they may be in the area. 

Next, you should provide the list you prepared to the certified technicians upon their arrival. Its information will assist the technicians in assessing the severity of the termite infestation and determining the best treatment. 

  • Clean Up the Place 

Identifying and removing a termite infestation in a cleaner place is simpler than in a disorganised place. So, before the inspector arrives, remove all dust, webs and other particles near the termite-affected area. It would further be better if you also remove any furniture and appliances from the space. 

  • Empty the Shelf 

The other factor that’s required for smooth termite control treatment in your home or office is locking away all food supplies. Get rid of any food, drink or other things in the open that could draw termites. Doing this can stop termites from infesting another area of your property and protect your food. 

  • Temporarily Relocate Pets & Animals 

Termite treatment can involve the use of certain materials that may be harmful to pets or their fur. Even if the substance is pet-friendly, your pet might be disturbed by seeing strangers in your home. Having pets in the same room as the certified technicians could also create distractions. So, please move them to a different room or place temporarily. 

 Top Pest Control Services for Best Termite Treatments 

 Performing termite control using the right solutions can drastically affect the longevity of the solution. For instance, a poorly installed termite barrier may be ineffective at keeping the termites out for long periods. 

 Hence, hiring professional termite inspectors and technicians can eliminate termites for good. They use the following methods the most: 

  • Termite Dust 

It is among the most commonly preferred methods of eliminating termites from both outdoor and indoor areas. While termite dust takes longer to yield outcomes (3 weeks), it can be a valuable tool to protect your precious assets. However, obtaining a termite dust service is less valuable in damp conditions or when there are too many termites on the property. 

  • Termite Foams 

Termite foam is yet another way to remove termites from offices and homes. A majority of experts recommend this approach for termite removal when they have infested the wall cavity or similar spaces. 

 Additionally, termite foam can be beneficial when removing termites across a large area. But, it’s important to know that the results after the termite treatment might take up to three weeks to appear. 

  • Termite Baits 

Using termite baits is among the most efficient strategies to eradicate different termite species in large quantities. By carrying the baits, the termites bring the slow-acting insecticide into the nest. Soon, by consuming the bait, the queen and the nest mates are eliminated. 

  • Liquid Termite Barriers 

 It’s sometimes referred to as termite soil treatment, which protects the property from below ground. The process involves digging out some soil and pouring termite control substances in place before covering it again. 

 The main problem when using this option is when the boundary of your property gets in the way of another construction or vice versa. Still, it is the most effective of all options. 

 Common Issues with Offering Liquid Termite Treatments 

 As mentioned previously, the soil termite treatment may fail when the boundary is breached. Similarly, a few additional challenges could also affect the effectiveness of the liquid termite barrier and are listed in the following manner: 

  • Construction Slabs 

Concrete slabs are a fantastic option for building liquid termite barriers as well as supporting construction. However, the termite barriers don’t work the same if the construction is built on piers, split levels, or sloping blocks. 

  • Construction with Flaws 

The most obvious sign of faulty construction is wherever an untreated joint exists between two or more concrete slabs. It is usually treated during the construction stage of the property (even for new construction homes), but it’s unfortunately discovered more in older houses. The most effective solution in these cases is to use an insecticide to avoid weakening the construction. 

  • Soil and Other Problems 

When the construction is erected on clay soil or soil with high levels of gravel, the liquid termite barriers may fail. Instead, using termite baits to protect such sites is ideal. Likewise, termite baits can be effective all the same for sloppy construction sites. 

Final Words 

 Customers that employ professional termite control services lead better lives and are satisfied with the treatment’s outcomes over household methods. Simply said, professional pest eradication techniques will always surpass do-it-yourself solutions without ever putting your safety in jeopardy. 

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