Save New Homes From Repairs With Termite Pest Control Barriers

As a buyer of real estate in Australia, gaining an understanding of how termite risk management systems operate can help you choose wisely. Why? Because having termite pest control solutions installed in place can prevent infestations that are the cause for needing property repairs. So, your investment may bring losses if the builder hasn’t incorporated a termite barrier or similar protection measures.

To better comprehend why a termite barrier is necessary, consider the fact that termites intrude from the soil. Even through underground means, termites can enter your property and infest it for survival reasons. Thus, obtaining resolute termite protection is necessary, for which you should always contact professional termite pest control technicians. Please read further to learn about the alternate scenario and additional reasons to obtain termite barriers.

Termite Control Measures Are A Legal Obligation

Yes. Indeed, the National Construction Code contains specific construction guidelines to include termite risk management systems mandatorily. These systems could include using termite barriers or at least termite-resistant materials, which must be followed. Additionally, the guidelines further mention regularly obtaining termite pest control inspections and extermination as required, besides ensuring the maintenance of termite risk-management systems.

The Hazards in Delaying Termite Control Treatments

Let’s say you aren’t planning to use termite-resistant materials or install risk-prevention systems when building your house. Resultantly, these scenarios can arise from such a decision:

  • Ceilings and walls gather decay
  • The core foundation elements become weaker
  • Flooring and foundation damages occur
  • Electrical circuits work inconsistently
  • And so on

When building your new home, ensuring that these scenarios never arise will be for the best. So, ask the builder to provide a termite report for your new residence before your purchase. Alternatively, you can hire a professional termite inspection service yourself!

Learning about termite prevention solutions installed on the property before moving into it should always be the norm. Similarly, you should expect the report to show zero pest activity when the builder claims they have installed termite control systems. In their absence, do not delay hiring professional termite pest control technicians to learn about your options.

Highly Durable Termite Barriers for New Homes in Australia

In theory, a so-called termite barrier performs similarly as a protective boundary that prevents termites from entering. Since termites already pose a severe threat in Australia, most new homes today contain termite barriers as a default.

But, it will benefit you to learn about your available options regarding the best termite barrier for your safety. Below are the two well-reputed termite barriers or baits utilised in most modern constructions:

  • Sentricon Termite Barriers

The branded Sentricon Always Active Termite Barriers are basically termite bait systems. But by no means they’re a joke because they bait, monitor and exterminate termites with no hassles to you. Obtaining them is possible after your homes are constructed, but it first requires a termite pest inspection to confirm the absence of termites during installation.

The Sentricon stations are placed deep in the ground with an opening of 90mm. Each unit needs to be set three metres apart, equating to needing about 55 linear metres of Sentricon stations for optimal protection.

The stations offer up to 5 years of termite protection from their installation date, whose replacement by 50 per cent of their use is recommended.

  • Kordon Termite Protection Barriers

Kordon is among the pioneers in the termite pest control industry, whose Kordon sheets must only be installed by professional certified Kordon installers. These Kordon barriers will be placed between the bedding sand layer and the steel-reinforced mesh, which will then be covered with concrete, sealing them in place.

Not hiring certified installers to place Kordon barriers could cause faulty construction or inadequate termite protection. Hence, hiring professionals is highly advised since the properties receive a Kordon Termite Treatment certificate, guaranteeing protection for up to six years.

Top Indications You Require Termite Control Barriers Today

Termites can be hard to catch, but detecting them is harder because they invade a property through underground soil or adjacent walls. So if any concrete slabs or foundations are not sealed well, having a termite infestation is a matter of when.

Still, it’s possible to detect their presence on your property without sighting them by checking for these signs, according to Tom’s Pest Control technicians:

  • Floorboards make creaking sounds with carved lines or caved-in appearance.
  • The wood of the doors, windows, and frames becomes hollow at uneven sections.
  • Precious wooden artefacts and items become warped due to termite infestation.
  • Bare walls or the paint on them develop a blistering or peeling appearance.
  • Quieter but a constant clicking noise originating from the walls.
  • Seeing mud tubes appear randomly in rooms and near wooden furniture.
  • Discovering splinters of wood or uneven broken pieces on your property.

When you notice any of these signs in reality in your surroundings, believing that your termite protection system is compromised won’t be a mistake. In this instance, please get a termite pest control treatment immediately from professionals to limit the infestation and property damages.

Other Termite Control Solutions

You don’t have to rely completely on termite barriers and baits to ascertain you get the best termite protection. Additional methods can embolden your existing termite risk-management measures when installed correctly.

  • Chemical Reticulation Systems

A Chemical Reticulation system is formed by connecting pipes running under your property. These pipes are filled with termiticides flown across to prevent termites from entering through the soil. The most dependable termiticide is Termidor, which requires refills every 3-5 years.

  • Soil Treatments

Another method to protect your premises and termite barriers is by protecting the concrete encompassing them. A commonly used material for such a purpose is Rendacure which prevents cracks and can be sprayed or lathed on the surface.

  • Waterproofing Constructions

When your wooden items are suffering from dampness, you should look into obtaining waterproofing solutions. It will also contribute to keeping termites away because damp wood is supposed, for some reason, to be their favourite. So get compounds like Xypex Concentrate, Ardex WPM 300, Homeguard Portectacote, etc., and use them in paint, especially for exterior walls.

Final Words

Preventing repairs in new homes is often an overlooked aspect during the purchase. However, you can depend on the professionals at Tom’s Pest Control. Our technicians will guide you in obtaining the best termite pest control solutions, including termite barriers and termite risk-management systems installation and maintenance.

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