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Some might consider rodents innocents and even domestic pets, but neglecting their invasion could invoke critical troubles. Rats and mice are the most stubborn invaders who can be difficult to eradicate regardless of the season. Therefore, when it’s been a few days since you observed them around your property, it’s time to get professional rodent pest control treatments.

Please understand that delays in obtaining a rodent removal treatment for eliminating an infestation could expose your home to more dangers, including house fires.

What is the Importance of Rodent Pest Control Treatments?

A rodent generally invades homes and offices in search of food, shelter and water, or all three. Once it has satisfied its requirements, it’ll quickly multiply because rodents don’t hibernate and are active all year.

By the end of a fortnight, your premises infested with rats can become their breeding ground and attract other pests. Additionally, living near such infestations could trigger severe illnesses besides causing severe property damage. So, you should hire a rodent pest control team soon as you can for their removal.

Top Reasons You Need Trustworthy Rat Control Treatments

Even if you’re working full-time, detecting a rodent problem is still possible with basic knowledge. Typically, it’s more advantageous to employ pest inspection technicians to identify early indications of an infestation. However, until you await their arrival, you can look for these signs that confirm you could need rodent elimination treatments earlier than anticipated.

  • Rodent Faeces

The easiest method to confirm a rodent invasion on your grounds is to check for their defecation pellets or urination. Until the professional technicians from the mouse removal treatments dispose of such waste, it’s important to avoid proximity to it. Not maintaining proper hygiene standards in these scenarios can make you contract illnesses that may become life-threatening.

  • Property Damage

A sign of obtaining rodent removal treatments on priority is when you come across bitten objects within your home or office. Rodents can chew almost anything, including paper, fabric, and electrical wires. Such type of property damage can require critical repairs, potentially resulting in house fires in most cases.

  • Rodent Nests

Although rodents may invade your property in small numbers or singularity, they can attract more of the same. Two mature rodents could then multiply to create over 10,000+ offspring within one year. Therefore, obtaining an urgent pest control treatment for removing rats and mice is a must for safety.

How Can You Distinguish Between Rats and Mice?

The reputed rodent removal specialists are skilled in identifying hundreds of rodent species. But you, too, can learn a few ways by which you can tell a rat and a mouse apart. Learning it will help you make proactive decisions to limit such invasions at key moments.


  • Usually, they measure 9-11 inches with a 7-9 inch tail.
  • Rats are mostly brown or black.
  • About 50 droppings per day are possible.
  • Strong teeth and bite, with an ability to climb inclines.


  • Usually, 4-6 inches long, with a tail of about 2-4 inches.
  • Mice are typically grey, white or red in colour.
  • Around 100 drops per day are possible
  • Mice have smaller teeth but can inhabit tall structures.

Recommended Tips for Rodent Pest Control & Prevention

If you’ve previously hired a mouse removal service or recently booked one, here’s what you can do until they return to prevent rodent infestations:

  • Empty your garbage bins regularly and seal them shut.
  • Get rid of stale beverages and food, and keep the kitchen tidy.
  • Be sure to keep your surroundings dry with proper ventilation.
  • Make sure you have smaller entry points throughout the property.
  • Perform plumbing or infrastructure repairs immediately.
  • Fill any burrows in your yard and tend your garden daily.
  • Regularly receive professional rodent pest control treatments.

Emergency Rodent Removal Treatments Near You

When living under the same roof with rats in your personal space terrifies you, it’s best to obtain rodent removal treatments as an emergency. Here are some common yet dependable methods used for rodent prevention and elimination of rodents in private and public environments.

Professional Rodent Inspection & Removal

While the actual techniques used by expert rodent removal specialists will differ depending on the severity of the infestation type and level, their results guarantee safety. The technician may install rat traps and bait stations after performing rodent extermination for your ultimate safety.

Winter Rodent Prevention Treatments

Winters see fewer pest invasions but more rodent infestations because rodents never hibernate like pests becoming active in summer. Dealing with such scenarios is better managed by experienced and trained rodent removal technicians, who will implement rodent-proofing measures. Their various provisions and equipment are environmentally friendly and efficient enough to neutralise any rodent-related problems.

Final Words

Tom’s Pest Control is a dependable name for providing all types of pest removal treatments and inspection services with one call. So, book our rodent pest control treatments and customise them per your requirements to meet your suitable needs without overdoing your budget.

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